George “GeoHot” Hotz has been described as one of the most famous hackers of our generation. Most of us know him for his work in the jailbreak community, and his original iPhone unlock that launched him into the public eye.

But Hotz is much more than that. He’s a a former Facebook and Google alum, and a two-time finalist at Intel’s International Science and Engineering fair. And more recently, he’s the subject of a lengthy article in The New Yorker

The 7-page report chronicles a number of GeoHot’s hacking achievements, from the first computer program he wrote at the age of 5, to his public legal battle with Sony following his hacking of the Playstation 3 video game console.

The piece even shines some light on Hotz’s personal life. Here’s one of the more entertaining excerpts:

“We were sitting in Hotz’s apartment, on the ground floor of a building near Stanford. Red Bull cans and take-out menus littered the kitchen. Plastic wrappings, scattered cash, and empty computer boxes covered the living room. On box was overturned and being used as a dining table. A blue air mattress sagged in a corner. Hotz tossed a wad of cash from his pocket to the ground and sat with his legs crossed on a desk chair before three giant computer monitors…

…Around the room, whiteboards were filled with scrawled notes and algorithms. One had a list labeled “Morning Routine”: “7:15 a.m., one snooze? … shower … floss/brush/wash … vitamins … dress nicely … water pants.” Another list, labelled “Uncomfortable Things,” included “Call Therapist” and “Join Gym and Use it.”

The entire article is pretty interesting, but it does contain a bit of bad news: if you’ve been hoping for GeoHot to make a triumphant return to the jailbreaking scene, don’t hold your breath. Hotz told The New Yorker that he’s “through with all that.”

You can read all of George Hotz, Sony, and the Anonymous Hacker Wars here.

  • Yeah right. That’s what he thought, until he released limera1n and screwed over chronic-dev team.

    • If you decide to go back and do you research on this you will find that they said he was right in releasing his jailbreak before they released shatter..
      Because it was more than lightley his was going to be patched ..I.e. the A5 chip..and shatter was a one hit jailbreak .. Oh looks the limera1n jailbreak stil works for 3GS and A4 devices ..tether or untether

      • Well, put yourself in chronic-dev teams shoes. They worked hard to release SHAtter, and then right before their release date, George Hotz comes out of thin air and releases limera1n. Now all the hard work that chronic-dev put into went to waste. After so much time.

      • Shatter was for A4 device only..limera1n was for all ..shatter could of been patch (and was) limera1n can not.. Until new chip..

        Hotz was trying tI save to holes..

      • But them remember that Apple did close the SHAtter hole. Someone leaked it. I understand the fact that limera1n was better because if covered more devices, but even right now, SHAtter would only work for A4 devices just like limera1n. Maybe if geohot would have warned them earlier, chronic-dev would have kept quiet and not even gave any info about SHAtter, thus preventing the leak.

      • Hotz did tell them to hold off .. And he said why.. And it was someone linked to CDteam that leaked it..

      • He brought forward his jailbreak by a day as well .. He did all he could to stop them.. If shatter came out all the 3GS/3G device wound of not had a jailbreak.. So limera1n would off come out to cover them… 2 jailbreaks when one would of done…. His jailbreak limera1n

  • If we only had this guy, we would’ve had the iOS 5.1 Jailbroken unthethered on A4 &A5 after an hour of it release, IN YOUR FACE APPLE.

    • Don’t discount great coders we have working with us. Pod2g is doing excellent work.

  • mordechai eliyahu

    i think he is working on it just doesnt want anyone to bother him bec he said a few times allready that he is not working on anymore jailbreaks and a week later he released a jailbreak i guess this one is just taking him time

  • Read all of it and loved it. He is a real inspiration.

  • Read all of it and loved it. He is a real inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    Admirable young man, seriously.

  • Wow, he doesn’t look to be any older than 17….. amazing.

  • Such an effort. Im proud of u!!

  • hahahaha water pants ahahahahaha i think u done a typo there