Apple’s frenemy Samsung went on the record to deny speculation that it was behind a flashmob-style anti-Apple protest that occurred ‘spontaneously’ outside Apple’s retail outlet in Sydney, Australia. More precisely, a spokesperson for Samsung said their Australian branch had nothing to do with the stunt.

But the curiously ambiguous response leaves open the possibility of Samsung of South Korea or any of their regional offices hiring a creative shop to stage the protest. Before you jump straight to the comments, know this…

As we reported yesterday, a group of black-clad individuals carrying the ‘Wake Up’ signs paraded outside Apple’s retail store in Sydney, Australia. Also, a series of billboards were spotted around the city and the ‘Wake Up’ sign was written on the bottom of Bondi Ice Bergs’ pool.

A spokesperson for the South Korean consumer electronics giant denied involvement in the fuss, telling SlashGear:

Samsung Electronics Australia has nothing to do with the ‘Wake-Up campaign.

Some commenters chastised me yesterday over pointing the blame at Samsung, arguing the headline was misleading because it suggested Samsung’s involvement.

For starters, Samsung Australia not organizing the campaign doesn’t necessarily exonerate the whole Samsung group. Big companies usually go out on a limb to unambiguously deny dangerous accusations such as this one.

But Samsung’s response leaves a lot to be desired.

Why specifically deny involvement of Samsung Australia rather than Samsung, the conglomerate? As if the South Korean company never used shady companies to cover traces, mind you…

We also know, thanks to Australian marketing blog Mumbrella, that the website sporting a countdown timer is very much similar to the one seen at the (an anagram for “the new galaxy”) website from last week (below), which re-directs to

By the way, what’s with that “Following technology blindly often gets you nowhere” tagline?

Now, the Australian website can be traced back to advertising agency New Dialogue, which was recently re-branded as Tongue. If Tongue paid those picketers to flash signs outside an Apple store, it wasn’t for the heck of it. These people were hired. Somebody painted the buss, gave them signs and drove them at an Apple store.

There’s an agenda behind this operation that benefitts a mysterious someone.

A client.

Which brings me to my second point, complaints by some folks that nowhere in the video neither the Samsung nor the Galaxy S III logo or name could be seen. This presumes that the stupid chanting was organized to directly promote the upcoming Galaxy smartphone.

My take? Simple, someone purposefully wants to paint Apple as a Big Brother-style company that commands an army of mindless drones. It usually helps asking yourself who could benefit from such a portrayal.

It’s true that Samsung Australia denied involvement and that we have no hard evidence to blame them. But there are too many coincidences and the timing of the official Galaxy S III campaign and this Sydney stunt is beyond chance, in my opinion.

If course, I could be terribly wrong as well and please do feel free to disagree wholeheartedly with me down in the comments. Here’s to the hoping that we’ll soon find out who and why was behind this protest. My two cents say the ‘Wake Up’ thing will re-surface as the creative concept of the official Galaxy S III advertising.

On a final note, there’s this thing in marketing called staged roll-outs which begin with a clever teaser conceived to preferably spoof your biggest rival and get the tongues wagging ahead of your own launch.

That’s what the iSheep commercial and the Galaxy S III teaser campaign have been about thus far.

Is this mudslinging?

I guess you could say that.

Are people talking about it?

Hell, yeah.

Will it work?

Time will tell…

Summing up, here’s perhaps the best comment from yesterday’s article by ZyGangster, he really nailed it:

Do you really think a few number of people would randomly decide to wear all black, rent a bus and pay extra to get it painted, bring signs replicating the font samsung used, all on their own, just to go show some apple customers they shouldnt be buying apple products? I think YOU need to ‘wake up’. It makes more sense thinking Samsung paid these guys to go protest..

His point is surely valid, no?

And your take?

Were these people really just a randomly organized bunch or paid picketers?

Meet us in comments.

  • Viet Nguyen

    I think you suppost to mean that tgeltaayehxnx is an anagram for the next galaxy and not “the new galaxy” 😀

  • Anonymous

    Listen guys PROOF is needed before accusing samsung. does it look like a coincidence no but still until you have proof you have nothing. if you look for other targets you can find many (google ? Motorola? Htc? proview to make it look like samsung??????

    • Seriously people I agree. So there is this van thing and because of that we point to Samsung as the “obvious”. Let’s all take a break at this till he truth tells. Who says it wasn’t bill gates?

    • dude, proview deals with only ipad trademark in china…

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I’m not trying to say how to run your site, but this is idownloadblog not i(amaRabidFanboy)downloadblog.

  • Who cares about another Samsung phone anyway.. There ad’s are only poking fun at apple because they can only wish for this type of desire for there phones..
    When was there a Q to get a Samsung phone ?

    • Anonymous

      No one wants a samsung phone thats why they have over taken nokia as the worlds biggest mobile phone manufacturer
      . disliking samsung ok is but talking up your ass and being a Fanboy not needed. o btw i do not prefer android over ios. i love apple but i hate fanboys know no facts……..

      • Yea, goofygeek, you’re right. I mean, why should we make a big deal about this. It wouldn’t bother you if you were in a Samsung store (do they have one?) reading about galaxies and sheep on your tab phone or whatever and a big bus of people started protesting you being there and not only disrespecfully displaying dirty marketing, but telling you “hey, you’re stupid, you should be buying products that we try to appease the masses with and dont put our heart into you” as you try to enjoy your time? The reason apple has fanboys is because people recognize the huge amount of care put into everything they do. And the same people (like at idb) put care into each mod or idea about the product.

        I think the simplest explanation is Samsung, so I’ll put my chips there.

      • Anonymous

        Dude, future reference, if your going to post a reply to me, you should maybe click reply on my name and not some one elses. Just a heads up. Also, there is no proof samsung did this, second, now it looks like RIM was behind this. So yes, you put your “chips” in the wrong place and lost them. Thanks and have a great day. Oh, and one more thing, its goofygreek, not goofygeek. Please learn how to read or type names properly, thanks.

      • Think what you will.. I post because I can, end off , thats it , I don’t post to get likes that’s part of disqus or haven’t you realise that yet ?
        I don’t ask for the likes that’s up to you and there other readers …
        I’am just waiting for the iDB app to come along then hopefully we don’t have this ‘ like ‘ button any more ..

        P.s at what are you going on about when you say ‘facts’ ? There is nothing in my post about any facts

        iDB where is this app you said was coming ?

      • Anonymous

        i was trying to say yes there is nothing in your post related to facts when you say ( who cares about another samsung phone anyway) fact is they became the biggest share holder in the mobile phone sector thats all. im not a fan of samsung products but it gets to me when unproductive comments keep being made like look they have no que at the release of their products ha ha ha… these kind of auto-samsung bashing no matter how many adverts they may have done is actually making iphone users look like Isheeps.

      • They became the biggest because they sell more than one phone .. That helps a lot ..

    • im iphone user but dun support just for the sake of it…..agree that no other companies have ever made ppl queue so eagerly for almost all their line of pdts… it blindness or watever, but i dont see any “blind” samsung fans ard…..

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you really need to let shit go. There are much more important things to talk about. Much more important than Samsung maybe hiring a flash mob to go protest in front of an apple store. Also, flash mobs happen all the time now, its the new thing to do. Yes, i do believe a bunch of people would go and protest in front of a store, and NOT get paid for it. The buss on the other hand, before you go accusing someone, get ALL THE FACTS. How do you know that some rich ass guy didn’t own that buss and didn’t care what he did with it? Maybe that guy loves Samsung so much that he wanted to paint a buss? Also, go to youtube real quick and type in flash mob, you will get a shit ton of results. And there are going to be one or two of them that are targeted to something specific, instead of mindless dancing for no reason. I really dont think a multi-billion dollar company would be involved in this. And even if they were, guess what, a lot of people are talking about samsung now. Which means that people are going to be interested in seeing what all the fuss is about. Like a bunch of people have said, theres no such thing as bad publicity.

    • While I agree with you on the idea that this could have been a random flash mob, I also want to bring out a simple point to your argument. Samsung, a great company, has a record of bashing its competition (the iSheep ad, the commercials with people outside of an Apple store, etc.). Although I’m not saying that Samsung did this, the timing, especially considering the countdown on both pages lead to May 1st, is extremely odd. And on your last point about bad publicity, that’s faulty. The publicity created by Samsung, although great for those who love Samsung, is not going to get many customers. Rather than focusing on their product– the products that, at the end of the day, make them their profit– they focus on bashing the products that others have (and by products I mean cell phones). This doesn’t help the viewer understand WHY they should choose Samsung over their current product. A bigger touchscreen, while great for some, doesn’t make somebody cancel a contract or ditch their phone. When somebody looks for a phone, they typically look for the benefits. That is, how can the cell phone make their life productive and easier. When Samsung doesn’t show how it’ll make things easier but rather how big of a screen the phone has, the consumer doesn’t know how it can help them. Samsung is an amazing company and, although I don’t believe that they were part of this stunt, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

  • 😀

  • Who cares what samsung did. We should all get voting on pod2g’s blog thats what matters for now. If sumsung did do this they should have at least used female strippers cheap ass bitches.

  • honestly speaking!, you guys blaming Samsung with no evidence makes you look like the bad guys!.

    Stop blaming Samsung for everything!, this isn’t much a big of a deal anyway!.

    Also, that Wake up campaign didn’t staged a silly protest in front of the Apple store only!, they went many places!. Why can’t you just admit the fact that there are some people who just don’t like Apple!. (just to be clear!, i’m not an Android Fanboy!)

  • “Following technology blindly often gets you nowhere”

    How does this not make sense? A horse used in carriage rides throughout a city is made to wear blinders. This keeps the horse from being distracted or spooked. As you know the horse is guided by the person who drives the carriage. This person tells the horse which way to go, when to stop, when speed up or slow down. Basically it’s a metaphor. It means, if you allow one company, in this case Apple, to decide for you what is the next best thing is, are you really making your own decisions? If you can’t make your own decisions without being told by this company what to think, you won’t get anywhere. This plays along with their iSheep ad. Which if you think about it, nowadays everyone is that way. not necessarily Apple’s sheep, but we are the sheep and these tech companies are the herders.

  • I think it was from Greenpeace International. They are urging Apple to look for environmental friendly energy resources for using iCloud. Black T-shirt might represented coal, which polluting the environment.

  • Did anyone actually talk to the Wake Up guys and ask them wtf they were doing?

  • Anonymous

    Who’s this new writer anyways? I understand this is an iPhone blog, and I’ve been visiting it for nearly 2 and a half years now. And while I am aware of Samsung’s anti-Apple campaigns lately, I have never seen so many posts with such “aggresion”/sarcasm against Samsung (or any other faction of this electronic device war).

    Yep, it’s gotta be the new guy.

  • It’s literally black and white….

  • Unbunch your fanboy panties and get on with life. Sheesh!

  • I reckon apple got those people to stand outside to do an extra cheesy promotion because loads of people were complaining about the new iPad. Maybe they need extra attention in Australia. Cause a scene and make the store get noticed more. Maybe they’re apple staff doing it for free, cheep advertising. Why not? Just maybe. Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re wrong. Maybe this, maybe that.

  • of coz it is not samsung or any of its offices… it is the agencies they hired !

  • Anonymous

    Hard to admit when you’re wrong, Christian Zibreg?

  • This isn’t journalism, this is purely speculation and rubbish and does not belong on iDB

  • Of course Samsung is behind this. It’s silly to not think that. I suggest you “wake up” and realize Samsung did this.

  • samsung is so happy now coz both android and iphone users are fighting, and talking about them on the net….free advertising / publicity, drives their SEO……ROI exceeded many times over, agency KPI reached…

  • Anonymous