Following a fiasco with WWDC 2012 tickets which saw West Coast-based developers gasping after seeing that WWDC tickets had already sold out by the time they woke up, Apple is now apparently emailing some developers to inform them that their ticket purchase was “not eligible”. Ouch!

Apple is apparently canceling the $1,599 ticket purchases over a no-transfer policy. WWDC 2012 tickets are in high demand this year so some people readily turn to eBay to make a quick profit, such as this guy

The Next Web explains:

The obvious problem with Apple’s logic in this is that, as the tweets show, many companies are buying WWDC tickets for more than one person. But since the address is the same it appears that Apple decided that more than one name from the same address meant people were up to no good.

An email from Apple allegedly states that “because you are not eligilbe to buy it, we are cancelling the WWDC ticket you bought this morning”.

The publication explains that Apple is reinstating the tickets that were legitimately purchased via companies. This still leaves in the cold individuals who bought a bunch of tickets in the hope of making a quick buck by re-selling them at a higher price.

Folks have been re-selling WWDC tickets in the past, but this is the first time, at least to my knowledge, that Apple began canceling ticket purchases over the practice.

Perhaps Apple is trying to make up for screwing West Coast developers by putting tickets on sale during the wee East Coast hours.

As you know, tickets for Apple’s annual developers conference, which runs from June 11 through June 15, sold out in two hours. Tickets don’t come cheap, costing $1,599 a pop.


  • Let’s hope he makes a loss… I doubt it though..

  • Ernesto Carrillo

    Thats wat u call ppl interested in money. Alll they think bout is making money. I know life is business but damn!!!!

  • Anonymous

    East coast? They were already at work when tickets went on sale. It was here on the Left Coast that they got screwed. Eastern time is three hours ahead of Pacific. When it’s 9:30 EDT, it’s only 6:30 PDT. You made the same mistake in the previous article. But you contradict yourself here by acknowledging that it was “during the wee West Coast hours.” In what way is that “screwing East Coast developers”?

  • Anonymous

    You’re mixing up the east and west coast. East coast devs were up by 8 to 11. On the west coast it was like 5 in the morning and sold out by seven. Even the dev’s tweet you linked to in the last article says he’s from San Francisco California. That’s the west coast. Idk if you’re American or not but it’s not that hard.

    It’s bad you got this wrong in the first article its even worse you made the same mistake again.

  • Anonymous

    I was really happy with the no transfer policy as a LOT of people last year were buying extra tickets to sell or give to friends. It’s much more even this way, more people got a chance at tickets.

    Just a side note on the time of sale – the people of Europe have it best, it was 2:30pm in the afternoon when they went on sale…

    • Falk M.

      As if getting up early (and not that much even) was such a problem.
      Us Europeans got it best?
      Uhm, check the flight prices, I think you’ll agree with me that for that price, you’d happily take getting up at 3am haha
      (I know you weren’t onto Europeans being in the best situation generally, but yeah…)