How to reliably unlock your iPhone with the updated SAM tool

By , Apr 25, 2012

If you haven’t had much success unlocking your iPhone with the SAM tool, then perhaps this will be of interest to you.

The developer of the SAM tool has updated it to make unlocking much easier than before. In fact, it only takes a few steps in most cases.

You don’t need iTunes, you don’t need the original SIM that you device is locked to, SIM ID’s, or anything like that.

Check out our full how to inside…

Step 1: Install SAM via Cydia. Repo address:

Step 2: Insert your unofficial SIM card.

Step 3: Open SAMprefs, Go to Utilities and tap Attempt Activation.

Step 4: Your device will respring, and it should recognize your unofficial SIM card. If this doesn’t work, follow the full tutorial outlined below, and in the video.


If you receive a message that says: You must select the original carrier SIMID of your iPhone, or any other error message, simply perform the following:

Step 1: Remove your SIM card

Step 2: Open iFile and go to /var/root/Library. Tap edit in the upper right-hand corner, and select Lockdown, and tap the zip button to create a backup of Lockdown. Scroll to the bottom to ensure that a backup zip was created. Now delete the Lockdown folder.

Step 3: Navigate to /User/Library/Preferences and search for SAM. Delete the com.bingner.sam.plist file.

Step 4: Power down your iPhone completely, and turn it back on.

Step 5: Insert your unofficial SIM card.

Step 6: Open SAMprefs go to Utilities and tap Attempt Activation. You will receive a dialogue stating that it may take a while. Your iPhone will respring.

Step 7: You should now be on your unofficial network. i.e. T-Mobile, etc.

Be sure to follow these steps exactly in order for it to work. I’ve tried this nearly a dozen times, and it always worked for me. For more info on unlocking, be sure to check out our dedicated unlock page.

Let me know what you experience in the comments below!

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  • Faizan Siddiqui

    does it works on 5.1?

  • Omer Bhatti

    What widget are you using in drop down menu for power off/reboot etc. The time in your video @ 0:53..
    Please do reply!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to say that after following the instructions to the letter, my iPhone4 did not unlock. I tried the simple route first and when it did not work I followed the extended method in the Troubleshooting section. In the end I continue to get the error message “Activation reports Error: ActivationInfo rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.”

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

  • Anonymous

    where is ifile ????

  • Awkward Gursimer ™

    i have a iphone 4S 5.0.1 (without original sim) and ive tried very hard to use this method but it wont work… ive tried all 5 different SIMID but it keeps saying that i must select the original carrier SIMID….. please help

  • Raouf Dridi

    Does it work with Iphone 4 Version 5.1 firm 4.12.01 cause did exactly like you mentioned, but still NO Service.,
    First I don’t get Attempt Activation when I put the Unofficial SIM Card.

    I always see :

    Backup activation
    Restore Activation

    I put ATT sim and De-activate

    I get attempt activation but


    No Service

  • Beverly Baron

    i wish!!! ;-)

  • Beverly Baron

    u can use iFunbox download on pc very user friendly

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  • DjHliaz Petrides

    Does it work for iphone 4 / 4.3.5 / 04.11.08 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? plz help !!!!!!

  • pluckuno


  • Anonymous

    i’m getting “No service” after i did what it said…i hacktivated it before…any suggestions on this ??

  • Mike Nicholaou

    I’m getting “No Service” after following the above steps; it’s an iPhone 4, version 5.0.1 and modem firmware 04.11.08; should I be able to unlock this phone?

  • Linh Tran

    my phone is fw 4.11.08, version 5.0.1 I have tried different ways with SAM but no luck. It still says: You must enter the original carrier SIMID of your phone.
    Can you help please? I have tries these methods on another iphone 4, 4.1..08 and they worked great

    Please help

  • Firas Siddique

    does this method still work?

  • Ash Ha

    i tried it and my phone respring but i got a no service instead of network icon and signal bars

  • Safira

    hey please help me out with this…. The activation state says ‘Wildcard Activated’ but whenever I connect my iphone to itunes it always says ‘The Simcard inserted is not supported’… Please help

  • KhalilNMe

    I did it…it did everything it was supposed to EXCEPT for the last step…. got NO SERVICE

  • r.j.porter10

    right i tried to do this but it didnt work it kept rebooting when i tried to press the samprefs app after i had powered down the phone can you help please

  • Chad Harnett

    Will this work with iphones on Canadian service providers?

  • 泽普 张

    My iPone is from Sweden 3, but there is no Bundle name for that, what can I do? I even tried by manual. Erro always said that I should type in my SIMID

  • stacy

    I did all that and it still says you must select the original carrier simid of your phone?????

  • Arjay Robles

    activation reports error: unable to open data_ark

    help please

  • carl

    is it working for ios 6.1.3 ??

  • Brian Geronimo

    Does this still work? I still get “No Service” on the status bar.

  • Samuel A. Wilson

    Does this method still works now?!

  • Өлзийсайхан Лхагвасүрэн

    is someone updated IOS?

  • Duriye Teyze

    i have an activated jailbroken 3gs but my phone’s push notifications don’t work. does this method solve the push notification problems? i don’t need to activate my phone because it’s already activated and it has ios 6.1

  • Charmaine Ryn

    entire process was successful…phone resprings and everything works fine, all steps completed, however in top left corner…just says Searching…..
    Anyone tried this with a Koodo SIM card in Canada at all??? Wondering if any of this even works in Canada…

  • Avetik Poghosyan

    succsefully jaulbreaked Iphone 5 IOS 7.0.4, AT&T 15.5
    installed SAM
    all the fields in the more information section are blank
    does enyone know how to get rid of this?

  • james

    It did not work for my Iphone 4s, Ive tried this 3 times now in order… didnt work..

  • thimios

    i have an i phone 5 IOS 7.0.4 locked on Sprint carrier, i am following this procedure STEP BY STEP and i doesn’t work for me. Help me please

  • shaheer

    i have an iphone 4s locked to bell with ios 6.0.1 can i unlock it using sam prefs?? and can i update my ios to 7 after unlocking??

  • Brigg Adier

    ive been trying this for a while. email me at please. its not working for me

  • Ryan Martin

    Ok so I’ve tried all the methods I can find to unlock my sprint iphone 4s to use with metro pcs but to no avail. I’ve got cydia, sam prefs and ifile and can’t get either to unlock this phone. My last option was to try the ifile option above and it still says (Activation reports error: Activationinfo rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.) I don’t have the original sim or ID so I’m beat ugh! Has anyone ever unlocked a sprint iphone 4s to use with metro pcs and if so how should I go about it? Your help is much appreciated thank you.

  • Arjun

    not working with iphone 4 ios 7.0.4

  • Alex Sol

    So I guess this doesnt work in 2014?

  • Done Diggity Do

    When i go into “more information” the “ativationstate” is just blank. It doesn’t say de-activated or anything like that. After following your steps it still said the error to select the carriers original SIMID, help!

  • slabs

    Don’t work for me can anyone help me? I do it more than one time but it says everytime : SAM Notification Activation reports Error: ActivationInfo rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.

  • Nataly Rojas

    It didn’r work for me :/ I have iphone 4s, it did change something though.. But its not working cant make calls or anything.. It doesnt say ” no service” anymore it just has the the little circles ..

  • Duc Su

    I’ve been away from the iphone latest new info. I’ve never knew about SAM until now, though it was been around for couple of years I see. Anyways, I am currently on a jailbreak iphone 4 running on ios6.1.3 with baseband preserved to use Gevey sim.

    I want to update to ios7.4 since it can be jailbreak. Doing so will update my baseband as well. Since there is no custom firmware I can use, will this SAM method work to unlock my iphone going to ios7.4 even if I never saved my tickets on this phone? I’ve read a post saying if you haven’t saved your ticket prior to 2012, SAM will not work.

  • RolandMG3

    This SOP worked perfectly…on the 1st try. Good job team!

  • Arham Kothari

    I had followed all the steps but still it says no signal

  • Fernando Martinez

    Lockdown file keeps reappearing,why,can anyone help

  • Non-Specific Action Figure

    I’m trying and I can’t get my T-Mobile sim working on my Verizon iPhone 4s with 7.1.2.

  • Ashwin

    HI I did this and the earlier one too. After attempt activation it resprings and shows me the the signal strength full but cant dial anything except the USSD codes where you can see your balance for my Mobile number and data usage etc. In About section I can see the Carrier is changed but Network Not available.
    What could be the reason? I have tried all possible options from the tutorial as well as the tips. No break -through yet.

  • Azeem Ji

    after restart stuck in recovery mode