According to a new report by 9to5Mac, a new iPhone and a new iPod touch is in the works.

Should this even be labeled as a rumor considering the absolute inevitability of these hardware updates? I don’t know, but the wait, speculation, and anticipation is always amusing.

According to their sources, a variant of the A5X chip will power the next generation iPhone, and it will include 1GB of RAM. To me, a varient suggests it’s probably not an “A5X” per-se, but an entirely new processor dedicated to the device’s smaller form factor, and less visually intensive needs.

Their source also indicates that the next generation iPhone has been seeded internally, yet it is being housed in ho-hum iPhone 4/4S casing to throw off any potential leaks.

Sounds about par for course. I guess the only thing left to make this 100% legit is for the new iPhone tester to head to his or her favorite bar, am I right?

9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman is also reporting that a new iPod touch β€” dubbed iPod 5,1 β€” has been identified inside of an iOS 5.1 internal build. For iPod touch fans this is obviously long overdue. Outside of the new (in color only) white iPod touch released late last year, the device is starting to fall behind when compared to its iOS contemporaries.

Both of these revelations suggest that we will be seeing new iPhone and iPod touch hardware in the very near future. If Apple decides to stick with their current release schedule, that could mean we could see both devices later this fall.

We’re still holding out hope that Apple will go back to its old iPhone release schedule, meaning we’ll see the new iPhone some time early this summer, but we’re not holding our breath.

What do you think?

  • Kok Hean

    iPhone 4SX

    • iPhone 4SX, iPhone4S2, iPhone 4-2…just call it iphone 6. but they don’t want the masses of people realizing how old the phone is so people will think of it as new and fresh. i surprised iOS 5.0 doesn’t have a different name. it shows that this boring OS (although good) is old-tech-wise that is

  • Aric Bolf

    “ho-hum iPhone 4/4S”

    Maybe to you…but i quite enjoy my iPhone 4, thank you very much!

    • No, I actually like the iPhone 4S and 4 design. Best phone design ever in my opinion. But I know a great number of people are quite tired of it.

      • ive been sick of the front of the iphone for a long time. its so boring. but the sides of the iphone 4/4S are beautiful…change the front. wheres the innovation?

  • Still a little too early to tell on specs. Some people think most rumors turn out to be false. I am one of those people who think most are accurate. What I mean but that is that there has to be many many prototypes and test phones. Bigger screens, different shapes, with/without home buttons etc. the list goes on. But whether or not those make it to final production? That’s the billion dollar question!!

  • i for one cannot really imagine what design change they can bring to the ipod touch’s physical appearance.

  • Well, it’s too early to say, but an internal hardware upgrade is a logical assumption to make. More interesting really, are the constant rumors about possible design changes (e.g. larger screen etc.) as we have no idea Apple is going to do.

    By the way Jeff, it’s “per se” not “per-say”.

  • Come on apple we need to see the A6 quad-core now. Otherwise i’m buying something else. Sick of this slight upgrade rubbish.

  • Luke Row

    and here come the months of unfounded rumours and speculations

  • It’s gonna be called the new iPhone simply and the release date is 6/12/12

    • Anonymous

      How do you know?

      • @Drinky…Jason is right about the name and release date

      • Anonymous

        How do you know?

  • Anonymous

    As Tim Cook said they’ll release products that will “blow our minds” so I’m sure this new iPhone will have something NEW, not just spec upgades.

    iPhone 4 was the last product to have really NEW stuff, like the Retina Display, Facetime and half-ass multitasking.

    I hope it’s a 4x longer battery, holograms, impact-proof structure, and other crazy stuff.

  • i think its gonna be iPhone 4G !

    • you might be right. i think they want to keep the name low in the digits to keep the iphone from seeming old. 6 years with the same design (front of the phone and OS) is not “cool” but if you keep saying 4, it doesnt sound bad, but hitting 5 and up, there’s the problem

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad nobody’s holding their breath.

  • I hear it’s gonna have LTE too! Who knew?!

    But seriously.. my predictions? New sizes. Otherwise, god help us.

    It’s time for $100 price difference between 16gb and 32gb to go byebye.. that shit’s ridiculous. I’m being charged $100 MORE for a 16gb increase when I can buy a microSD of DOUBLE that size for $27? That’s a 600% overcharge!

    • They did that obviously with purpose… If u know what I mean xD But think, if they “max everything out internally”, what will actually be left to the future iPhones except camera + design changes? I mean, will future iPhones and other phones, be as powerfull in the end, As a pc?

  • Leo Sack

    The next iPhone will most likely be called the iPhone 6 because the iPhone 4S was the fifth iPhone.