It seems like we’ve seen a flurry of iPhone-related rumors today. Earlier, we learned that Apple has begun internally seeding sixth-generation iPhone prototypes with 1GB of RAM and a modified A5X chip. And now we’re finding out about its appearance.

As noted by AppleInsider, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White issued a note to investors this morning regarding information he picked up during a recent trip to Asia. And judging from what he learned, Apple is completely rebuilding the iPhone…

“In our view, this will be the most significant iPhone upgrade with a four-inch screen and a new, sleek look that we believe will require a unibody case. This new, sleek look will be the most important reasons that consumers decide to upgrade.”

If you feel like you’re having deja-vu, it’s because you are. Last year we heard a ton of rumors claiming that the fifth-generation iPhone would feature an all-new design. But as we all know, they never materialized. Apple unveiled the familiar-looking 4S last October.

For what it’s worth, a redesign certainly makes sense this year. The iPhone 4/4S design has been around for 24 months now. And folks coming out of their two-year carrier contracts will be primed to buy something new and different.

And with a new look and updated features, White believes that Apple’s iPhone launch in the December quarter of this year could be “extraordinary.” In fact he sees it “dwarfing previous launches” — including the record-breaking 4S opening.

  • Luke Row

    I see the rumour floodgates have opened…. great

  • Tyler Miranda

    Here we go…5 months of rumors…

    • Rumor has it that the next iPhone will be released in December so make that 8 months.

  • it’s little sad that u need to keep your publicity by spreading rumours. wouldn’t sharing a piece of double-checked and proper information be a good idea from time to time?!

    • Luke Row

      or not sharing anything at all.

  • I bet the body will look just like the New iPad unibody. Tapered and slick. Can’t wait.

  • I bet its going to be shaped like a rounded of elongated pentagonal with bunnyears.

  • Now we get to read the same rumors all over again on a different relrease. Same old crap.

    iPhone 4SS – German designed.

  • Anonymous

    bigger screen is all i want

  • Anonymous

    “…completely rebuilding the iPhone” = 4″ screen, A5X/A6 processor, along with the usual memory bump, LTE, and NFC. Not picking on this writer in particular, but I’m rather tired of every iPhone refresh being described as a “complete rebuild” or “revolutionary design” by what seems like every freaking tech site. It’s funny because Android and Blackberry are usually bashed for all “looking the same” yet the heavens part and angels sing whenever a new iPhone “redesign” is announced.

    It’s an iPhone people. It may have a larger screen, but it’s going to look just like the last iPhone. Same as always.

    (BTW, I’m happy iPhone owner so spare me all the “U’z a fandroid” crap. Thanks.)


  • 4″ screen = perfect.
    Solid and slick design = perfect
    Power upgrade = perfect
    Better camera = perfect
    Not needing a reason to jailbreak = perfect
    All of the above = I’ll stick with iPhone

  • I heard a rumor that Apple is going to keep releasing phones and electronics while remaining secretive about what they will be.