Unlocking your iPhone can be a fairly tricky task. Unless you pay in upwards of $600 for a factory-unlocked handset, you could be required to jailbreak or even purchase a third-party SIM mod to use your iPhone on multiple carriers.

But according to Engadget, that could change this Sunday for AT&T customers. The site is reporting that it has received an anonymous tip that the US carrier will start unlocking off-contract iPhones starting April 8th…

“We’ve just received word of a spicy strategy change, to be enacted this Sunday, that’s sure to please the AT&T iPhone-loving masses. On Easter, select Ma’ Bell customers with iPhones–those off-contract with accounts in good standing–will be able to request a carrier unlock for their device.”

Once unlocked, the AT&T iPhone can be used on any compatible GSM carrier around the globe — making it perfect for folks who want to take the handset with them while traveling abroad.

While AT&T hasn’t made any official announcements regarding the new unlocking option, Engadget says that a spokesperson from the carrier was able to confirm that a new policy change regarding iPhones was going to start rolling out this weekend. Cool.

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      My contract is up this Sep, so long as AT&T provides unlock for no additional charge, I’m all for it. But considering how “generous” the US mobile carriers has been, I assume there ain’t no such thing as free lunch.

      • Andrieux Querido

        After a massive online signed pettition. Brazil unlocks every Phone brands in any carriers for more than 8 years now.
        Its a great Law. Isnt.

  • yes!!!! no more gevey!

  • Anonymous

    I love when “anonymous tips” are used as valid sources of information. I doubt it.

  • It’s about time this injustice was corrected!! If it’s no longer tied to an AT&T contract, it should be unlocked. This should have been done a long time ago!! Now I won’t have to include shsh blobs when reselling old iPhones!

  • I wonder if this is just a spur of the moment thing or if they will continue to do it for a very long time. My contract doesn’t end for still a while to come and I would love to not miss out on this opportunity.

  • Anonymous

    WOW, the US really sucks, £20 to unlock an iPhone here in the UK and that’s not even when your contract has ended, then, for most, it’s free.

    • WOW, UK really sucks. Here in the US, it’s free to unlock an iPhone even if your contract has not ended yet. AT&T is the only carrier that has this policy here in the states.

  • I still don’t get why it can’t be unlocked even with a contract. It’s not like you won’t be paying AT&T your monthly dues just because it’s unlocked. If I want to use my iPhone on T-Mobile (if it was possible) or a carrier abroad, then that should be my choice to pay AT&T and the other carrier.
    It’s like a car loan company requiring me to only use the car I borrowed money from them to buy for transportation. How ridiculous would that be.

    • Anonymous

      Well, It is possible to run an iPhone on T-Mobile…

    • Because it is an american network!

    • Anonymous

      Cause they get you with roaming charges when you travel abroad…

  • Finally!

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    Even for those of us who don’t travel internationally much, this is a nice bonus. I have an iPhone 4 from June 2010, so that means this summer I could move to T-Mobile (yes, I understand I’d likely lose my 3G) or even a smaller, regional carrier. Though, with T-Moible re-provisioning it’s network to support 3G on iPhone-friendly frequencies…

  • They should do it, but I doubt they will. Greed has no limititation and they can take customers hostage forever.

  • Anonymous

    wow holly crap so you will really own your iphone when contract is done..ahahahh

  • what if ur on t-mobile and on a 3gs ?

  • I live in Egypt and a friend of mine who lives in USA bought an iphone 4 32GB for me from AT&T with a total cost of $760 (i think this means that i am off-contract, right?)and i haven’t used the AT&T sim ever.
    Does this mean i can unlock mine or not???

    • Tanay Topaç

      My case is very similar to that. Can anyone give an answer please?

    • Unlocked Version cost $650…. ebay or apple

  • By US law cell company’s have to give u the unlock code if u ask.

    • Any link or source to that law?

  • Hatyrei

    How about Verizon’s iPhone 4S? is possible they will unlock it too? 🙁

  • Any news for factory unlocking iphone 4s on orange carrier[spain]..

  • all phones here are not locked to any telcos by default…..even lowest data plans are 12gb, no throttling shit…..

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  • Anonymous

    Its about time. They have only done this with other phones, including android phones, for many years now. My galaxy s2 is unlocked from att and i have only had it 6 months. Still in contract and everything. I think the only reason the iPhone unlock codes where never offered was because the iPhone was att only for 3 1/2 years.

  • If apple unlocks your phone, can you still jailbreak it afterwards?

    • Anonymous

      Yes because similar to factory unlocked iPhone.

  • Does anybody know if we need to unjailbreak the phone to get it unlocked by AT&T? I have an iPhone 4. Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      No need but you must know your iPhone’s IMEI.

  • Anonymous

    I e-mail At&t Partnership Operations Dept. last March 28 to unlock my 4 and 3gs. They e-mail back asking for my mobile number and IMEIs of my iPhones and after 2 days got an e-mail saying they made policy exemption and granted my request. They told to me to tether my iPhone to iTunes to complete the unlock process. Now I have two unlock iPhones.

    • About the mobile number you sent to them, i think it wasn’t an att number, or it was? I am from argentina and i really want my iphone unlock. What did you write in your email to at&t?

    • About the mobile number you sent to them, i think it wasn’t an att number, or it was? I am from argentina and i really want my iphone unlock. What did you write in your email to at&t?

      • Anonymous

        I am an At&t customer so it’s an At&t mobile no. I asked them to unlock the phones because my cousin in Canada wants to use them.

  • Anonymous

    what about old user iphone or the people the are not withe att any more are they stille can unlock
    there iphone , even if they can pay for that….?

    • Anonymous

      I really don’t know the answer for that but you can try e-mailing them at partnershipops@att.com. There is nothing to loose if you request for unlock.

  • Anonymous

    thay would not unlock i phone 4 bought on launch day said it was still under contract till 9 19 2012 when i upgraded to a 4S bull shit .