AT&T to start unlocking off-contract iPhones this Sunday

Unlocking your iPhone can be a fairly tricky task. Unless you pay in upwards of $600 for a factory-unlocked handset, you could be required to jailbreak or even purchase a third-party SIM mod to use your iPhone on multiple carriers.

But according to Engadget, that could change this Sunday for AT&T customers. The site is reporting that it has received an anonymous tip that the US carrier will start unlocking off-contract iPhones starting April 8th…

“We’ve just received word of a spicy strategy change, to be enacted this Sunday, that’s sure to please the AT&T iPhone-loving masses. On Easter, select Ma’ Bell customers with iPhones–those off-contract with accounts in good standing–will be able to request a carrier unlock for their device.”

Once unlocked, the AT&T iPhone can be used on any compatible GSM carrier around the globe — making it perfect for folks who want to take the handset with them while traveling abroad.

While AT&T hasn’t made any official announcements regarding the new unlocking option, Engadget says that a spokesperson from the carrier was able to confirm that a new policy change regarding iPhones was going to start rolling out this weekend. Cool.