The new iPad has been out for nearly three weeks now, and most of the folks who are going to weigh in on the tablet, have. The Retina display looks great, and LTE is lightning-fast. But otherwise the consensus seems to be that it’s not much different than its predecessor.

This has spawned quite the debate throughout the internet on whether or not iPad 2 owners should consider upgrading to the newer slate. And the, once again, consensus seems to be that it isn’t. Does this mean that Apple is losing its touch? Read on for my thoughts…

I’ve read more “why the new iPad is disappointing” editorials over the past few weeks than I care to count. And while I imagine that a majority of these posts were meant to do little more than drive traffic, I still felt like the topic was worth addressing.

The idea that Apple needs you to upgrade your iPad every year to stay on top is simply ridiculous. Sure, the company doesn’t mind that some of us want to drop $500-$800 every 12 months on its latest tablet. But that’s not a crucial part of its growth-game plan. Let’s face it, at $500 a pop you’re talking PC prices. And the average consumer doesn’t buy a new computer on an annual basis.

Given that information, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out why Apple didn’t feel the need to completely rebuild its popular tablet from the ground up this year. The new iPad doesn’t have to appeal to current iPad owners — they’re already customers. No, the new iPad has to appeal to Android users and first-time tablet buyers. And the only way for it to do that is to be the best option on the market — which it is.

Fanboyism aside, if there is a better $500 tablet available right now with a sharper display, larger app selection, and longer battery life than the new iPad, I’d love to see it. To my knowledge, there isn’t one. And unless something drastically changes in the Android world, or Windows 8 tablets come out of no where and blow us all away, there won’t be for quite some time.

  • Kok Hean

    Yes. Apple’s not forcing anyone to upgrade.

  • IMO the “new ipad” is the first viable ipad for the common consumer. The ipad 1-2 are just expensive toys. While the new ipad lives up to what i expect out of a $500-800 mobile computing device, it doesnt quite measure up. Im hoping that apple can push me over the edge next year.

    • Anonymous

      doesn’t mesure up to what… its the best at what it is and what it does…lol you probably what a mac book pro tablet huh….

      OMG so do i..lolol

    • I waited for this iPad because the previous versions’ screens were god awful, especially after the i4 and then 4S were released. It was a slap in the face to see a 1024×768 iPad again last year. This is simply what should have come out last year, plus a few extra bonuses. Apple can’t revolutionize the world every year.. and this screen is plenty revolutionary for me.

  • Anonymous

    I just feel that after what they did with the 4S and the disappointment that everyone felt (even though it’s a great device) they should have done something more with the new iPad, that’s all

    • Kok Hean

      At first, I also thought that the 4S was a disappointment too. But after comparing a jailbroken iPhone 4 AND 4S, I no longer feel that way. I can install 50 tweaks on the iPhone 4S and it will still be fast. However, the iPhone 4 was slow even before jailbreaking – lagging a lot. The A5 chip seriously beats the crap out of the A4 chip.

      • Dan

        Ditto, I used to think iPhone 4S was not that much of an upgrade. When my girlfriend got her 4S, it was my job to jailbreak it. Since then, I find my iPhone 4 so slow…

      • Anonymous

        lol try using a 3gs you will wonder how we ever used that phone at all…lolol

      • Anonymous

        the 4 was never slow… the 4s is just extremely fast but ipad 2 and 1 to ipa3 is like 3gs to 4/4s …… i hd ipad 1 and skipped the 2 cause it still had the 3gs quality display and the ipad3 is perfect and polished in all areas.. I also skipped the 4S cause it had the same tiny screen as the 4.. but now im looking for a use 4s cause i envy the speed..

  • Tablets are much like computers. The manufacturer has to keep up with the times, but if you already own one, you certainly don’t need to upgrade if there is nothing substantial to gain. Every iPad rendition does not need to create the ‘wow’ effect for anybody except new users.

    The New iPad is certainly not a disappointment.

  • I hope the iphone 5 isn’t only a slight upgrade from iphone 4s. If it is i might try out galaxy s3 see what the fuss is all about.

    • Once they add LTE, the A6 and 1GB of ram, it will be the Jesus Phone again anyway.. those are all pretty much confirmed, what else is there to want?

  • Anonymous

    I agree that Apple only has to stay one step ahead of the competition to succeed, and it seems to me that consumers only have to upgrade every other generation to stay pretty close to the edge.

  • We all know apples next major innovations and bleeding edge technologies will most likely be released during the iPhone 5

  • i think that’s part of the reason they stopped calling it by generation #, e.g. ipad 3. an ipad is an ipad, the only difference is the newer the model the more up-to-date the technology. wonder if they’ll do the same with the iphone numbering…

    • behold the new iPhone!

  • Anonymous

    Still rocking iPad 1, maybe next year I’ll be convinced I need to upgrade.

    • Anonymous

      ji had that but it lacked ram and the screen was crappy..

      • Anonymous

        Yah, but mine is mainly used for watching video while I cook. So as long as it keeps doing that I’m good. Anything more than videos/light surfing/email I have my laptop to use. It’s a consumption device for me, I know some people see that as a negative, but to each their own.

  • Anonymous

    The iPad follows the tradition of Apple’s appliance-like Macintoshes. Whereas Wintel owners upgrade by opening their boxes and swapping internals, Mac owners upgrade by selling their old box and buying a new box. The prices that used Macs command makes the net transaction price competitive with the Wintel method. Used Wintel computers are a dime a dozen.

    Right now, a new iPad costs $100 more than a new iPad 2 from the Apple store, or $100-$200 more than a used iPad 2. Until and unless Android tablets can command similarly high prices on the used tablet market, their net total cost of ownership will be higher than that of iPads.

  • Anonymous

    the new ipad is for folks who want the best possible graphics and screen quality on a proratable .. if you dont care about that stuff then stick to the ipad 2

  • I personally think Apple wants their iPad upgrade-cycle to become like that of their laptops and desktops. No one buys two consecutive MacBook itterations. That’s why their names don’t change every year, the difference isn’t big enough to do so, and neither is it with the new iPad.
    It just needs a hardware upgrade from the last one, but it’s easier to only speak from a new generation when the design changes overall. After all, the iPad was supposed to be between the MacBook and the iPhone, not just be a big iPhone.
    In the iPhone-itterations, they also learned us that not every new itteration is a new generation, that’s what the ‘S’-devices were for.