We’ve seen something like this before, but you can never have too much of a good thing, right?

UsefulIcons is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that promises to add convenient shortcuts to your Home screen.

The various shortcuts cover everything from Voice Control/Siri, to respring and flashlight functionality. It’s safe to say that this tweak will yield a varied amount of shortcuts, and you’ll find at least some of them to be, well, useful

The development of UsefulIcons was just wrapped up, and the developer has added even more features to the fray since I previewed the tweak on video.

Look for it to land on Cydia’s ModMyi repo any second now for $0.99.

Do these icons seem useful to you?

  • Anonymous

    Good idea.
    I think though the idea of jailbreaking is making the iPhone, or at least Springboard, even more beautiful.
    I used NCSettings and set it atop my Notification Center. That and use the beautifully designed “Deck” from SBCoders. The latter being so great, it’s almost like it was designed by Apple themselves.
    I may be part of a small group but I think jailbreak lends itself more to simplify your home screen than it does to crowd it with tweaks like this one.

    • I agree. I have only one page on my springboard. Less is more in my opinion

  • WASTE!!! NcSettings, Deck, PowerCenter Pro and the toggles you get with IntelliscreenX are better. This just makes a big mess of the springboard. NEXT…

    • Not everyone is of your oppinion. Also Tweaks like ISX cost much more.

      • That’s right, my opinion. And I think a pretty dead on one. So then don’t spend the $10 for intelliscreenX. Deck is .99 and much more attractive with options.

  • Anonymous

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  • Who the hell will pay 0.99$ for this?!

    • People also paid 2.99$ for Anicons, which is unfortunately broken on iOS 5(.1), also personally I think UsefulIcons is better than Anicons, I have more toggles and will add more in an Update and my icons can be hidden (without a respring btw), Anicons has a Preference Bundle for that, but it didn’t work.

      • But who needs this when you can have sbsettings, ncsettings, intelliscreen x……. That was only the point of my question 😉

  • I wish i knew how to code. The latest crap thats been coming out makes me want to restore to standard IOS. I hope Cydia hasnt reached its pinnacle and is on the decline.

    • I bet you would code the crapiest shit ever. Don’t offend others work if you can’t even show a simple UIAlertView.

      • Dan

        people have a right not to like your tweak dude, relax and take the comments into consideration for your next version

      • Of course everyone has the right to say “I don’t like your tweak”, if I read things like that it is ok, but I really hate it if people are just haters and call everything crap, especially if they are too dumb for writing any code.

    • You can code but u are still an idiot. Im not a hater i am a person that enjoys quality and originality. I would never down Lockinfo, 3Gunrestrictor, bitesms, activator, etc. besides this is a comments section made for well um comments. I suck at coding and accepting bullsh*t, u suck at coding good tweaks and being sociable. Lets call it even.

      • Excuse my comment as i have let your unprofessional actions get to me a little. I still stand behind my decision and i hope you take the criticism as a positive tool in your next tweak. I appreciate the people who can code the same as i appreciate people that can make shirts. But that doesnt mean every shirt is worth buying. You have a great day and keep up the work.

      • I can’t take hours of time to look trough Cydia to check whether there is a similar tweak. And yea, the design isn’t the best, why? Because I am working alone on my Tweaks and I am a bad designer, but does that mean that my tweaks are bad in General? No, it doesn’t.

      • Just shut up, you moron. Seems like you just have jailbroken to get cracked apps.

      • Haha no i am against piracy. In my opinion if we pirate then what would be a developers incentive to make better apps and tweaks. A developer should be given the money they deserve. If i pirated then you are right my opinion would have no merit, but in this case it backfired on you. I have most of the top dollar tweaks so i am no cheap skate. Keep guessing and keep losing future customers by attacking someone with a right to an opinion. The screenshots and such show the half assery u put into the icons, plus this idea is not original. And your attitude will offset my opinion of every tweak u ever touch. I tried to end it but u keep showing your worth. So i will not reply to you any further.

  • Dan

    Ugly and takes too much room. Only have 1 page with my current setup

  • I think is incredible how many people out there are trying to beat sbsettings.
    It’s a good tweak but sbsettings is still by far the best tweak to do that

    • For ios5, ncsettings it’s waaay better! (or intelliscreen x, if you can afford it)

      • IntelliscreenX would be more awesome if u could add toggles like sbsettings

  • I’m following Rudolf on Twitter, and I seen his tweets. It may not be the prettiest tweak, but it’s useful, he put a lot of effort into it. If you guys don’t like the tweak simply don’t buy it and that’s it. No need to be rude, remember, cydia wouldn’t be ANYTHING without developers. Don’t make developers feel bad.

  • this tweak is ugly. useful? yeah. but will people use it? NO.

    • You are an idiot… You have a brain? Yes. Can you use it? NO.

      • do I have a brain? YES, DEFINITELY . Do I use it properly? NO. That’s the proper way, “Mr. fugly tweak developer ” And btw, Anicons is much better than this, and you don’t have originality . this tweak should be named Unusefullcons or Fullofcons on the springboard. hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Can the icons in this tweak be:

    A) Customised as to which toggles you show on springboard.
    B) Can the icons be themed, either by the settings or within the file structure (using say, iFunBox).

    • A) Yes, you can disable each of them in the Settings
      B) Yes, they are themeable with WinterBoard or Filemanagers as usual App Icons