Pinkbot is a WinterBoard theme (we know, bleh) that allows you to alter Tweetbot with various pink UI elements.

If the Pink Panther ever decided to use an iPhone, this would be his Twitter client of choice…

I must say, I’m not really feeling the look of it. Not only that, but the fact that this uses WinterBoard is a deal breaker to me. Maybe if I installed it on my iPhone 4S it would be different, but WinterBoard bottlenecks the iPhone 4 from my experiences with it.

You can find Pinkbot on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free. What do you think?

  • who made it? creator?

  • Metroview

    unless you’re a female, ew.

  • Nice new intro animation!! Not feeling the pink either. I like the normal interface quite a bit better

  • I hate the fact that winterboard takes up a lot of ram (have a lot of experience with iphone 3g and whited00r + wintersled, dreamboard) and it makes the icon names lose shade… which sucks. I am never using winterboard again and that’s the end of it. Unless saurik does something magical with it.

    • Joshua Rawlings

      I stopped using Winterboard in 2008. Have never even considered looking back.

  • Abid Patel

    Jeff, when you say “WinterBoard bottlenecks the iPhone 4 from my experiences with it.” do you mean the choppy transitioning of the Springboard pages? If so, this can be fixed (workaround) by installing Barrel. Even if you set Barrel to use the normal transition for page changes, it will get rid of the choppiness.

    • Joshua Rawlings

      No. I believe he means it overall bogs down your iPhone with unneeded code that prevents simple operations from moving at it peak performance.

  • Joshua Rawlings

    Ever since I purchased an iPad my iPhone usage has gone down significantly. We desperately need an iPad 3 jailbreak!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I come to this site daily n everytime I read any article where there talking bad about winterboard I use to scratch my head n wonder y the negative comments… I know y first hand….winterboards needs some major rewrite b/c even on the mighty 4S it still slows down the OS…..tweak looks nice but def not me even if u can get it with out winterboard

  • tim

    winterboard is a joke as of ios 5+.. just having it installed (no themes tweaked) it lags down the springboard pages considerably. I’m a fan of jay freeman and am amazed at what he can do, but the iOS 5 builds of winterboard just aren’t up to scratch

  • I hate it. BTW Loving the new intro!

  • Super awesome intro! Love it 🙂