Looking for a free way to invoke your App Switcher in landscape mode? If so, then check out this brand new jailbreak tweak entitled SwitcherLand.

Not only does it allow you to open the App Switcher in landscape mode, but it also allows you to lock your device orientation in landscape as well.

Take a look at our full video walkthrough inside…

Again, SwitcherLand is a free tweak available for iOS 5 devices. If this sounds good to you, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can download it right now.

Do you plan on giving it a shot?

  • I love landscape rotation lock it very cool

  • jose castro

    Springtomize does this already

    • springtomize only orients your task tray to match your screen but it cannot “lock” that orientation. If you lock orienation, whatever app you’re in will shoot back to portrait mode.

  • jose castro

    does anybuddy know if zepplin is ios5.1 compatible

  • Dan

    I used to have a tweak similar to this, it was called sbrotator I think, caused some freezes on my phone in really bad moments, so not gonna take that chance again ;P

  • There is another similar tweak that does this but the name is escaping me, but it’s a decent little tweak

    • Kok Hean

      Switcherscape for iOS 4.

    • I think u meant by sbrotator5… It works well for me…

    • I think it was sbrotator 5. It works well for me.

      • With 4s sometimes sbrotator 5… Made things out of place…some bugs…waiting the update

      • With 4s sometimes sbrotator 5… Made things out of place…some bugs…waiting the update

    • It was Springtomize 2 that I used to do that.

  • work it with, zephyr??

  • i’ve been using Landscape Lock Rotatin forever. Seems only diff is SwitcherLand is free.

  • Kok Hean

    Now make Zephyr work with it!

  • Needs to work with zephyr

  • i’m pretty certain zephyr doesn’t activate while in landscape mode, by design. i think i remember hearing chpwn mentioning that on twitter.

    • Kok Hean

      He said that it will never be supported or something.

  • switcher scape i believe released in the tweakweek challenge does this and its free

  • Springtomize does this tweak and than some. May be the wrong place for this but Jeff were the ” what’s on my iPhone Videos ” those were my favorite.

  • Finally! About to download it

  • Anonymous