SendAny and ReceiveAny are two jailbreak tweaks that work in harmony to let you send and receive unsupported files via iMessage.

Be sure to take a look at our full walkthrough for more information on how these two tweaks work together to make iMessage much more useful for sending files.

ReceiveAny is a free download, while SendAny will set you back $1.99. Both can be acquired via Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

  • Could someone get Jeff to do a video walk through of downgrading without SHSH Blobs with Bluefreeze? The downgrade is the tethered though

  • Whats the different with attachment?

    • The “send local file” option only lets you enter the file location manually for Attacher and its doesnt work with BiteSMS which is beyond my comprehension SMH

  • jose castro

    hey does anybuddy know if zepplin is compatible with 5.1 ?

  • Looks like SendAny is $2.99

  • Does this work fine with BiteSMS?

  • Does This Work With BiteSMS???

  • How about a video of attacher which is the same all in one app??? Thanks Jeff

  • Does this mean we can finally receive pictures with a sound clip? My brother is always trying to send them to me.

    • u mean like .gif files? If so well yes and no. U can get that file and even send it to someone but u can’t open it because the IOS doesn’t support the filesystem gif…
      so it’s pretty much usless in this case for u ;-D

  • Alvin Carreon

    Just downloaded and installed sendany a moment ago but when I try to tap the paper clip icon to choose a file it just sends me to the photos app. There’s no option to choose from local files or dropbox as from the video. I tried respringing and restarting my ipod touch 3g but to no avail.

  • Do these tweaks also work with o say…. A download manager?

  • Do these tweaks also work with o say…. A download manager?

  • Anonymous

    I bought SendAny and my friend has ReceiveAny. I sent a song and he got it. Everything else I have sent since he has not gotten. I even sent the same exact song that he received earlier and he didn’t get it. He has full signal and nothing has changed from the very first time I sent a song.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jeff I dont know if SendAny and ReceveAny work on my device. The paperclip didnt’ show up and there is no configuration on settings…How can I solve the problem? I purchased the SendAny application then what?