An exciting update to CardSwitcher has been issued on Cydia. If you remember our initial walkthough of the tweak, CardSwitcher is an alternative multitasking solution for iOS devices.

This latest update was totally rewritten for iOS 5, and includes live application views, updated swipe gestures, and a new grid mode aimed at iPad users.

Would you consider using the new and improved CardSwitcher? If so, you can find it on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.99, but it’s a free update for existing customers.

  • Tried it but it doesn’t take apps out of memory. Needs an update to fix that. Love the look though, but until it shows all apps running and can close them out I won’t use it as a replacement yet.

    • You tried toggling the Remove from switcher? Works fine for me.

    • Anonymous

      It works perfectly and it does remove running apps from memory and switcher.. this is a very very nice tweak

  • Dan

    I’ve tried several app switch alternatives, but I always end up going back to the standard

    • The same with me…I have tried all, and always remain an app open: Cydia, Dragon Dictation, SoundHound..etc, and I have to go back to double tap ordinary Multitasking in order to close, so I decided to use activator and multitasking like Multifl0w or CardSwithcer swipe gesture.

  • Love it, it makes so much sence.

  • Very sleek looking, paired with the NCSettings tweak where you can toggle orientation lock, volume and brightness from notification center this may be an actual alternative to the stock appswitcher! Can’t wait to test it out.

  • Gus Me

    Nice review as usual. Is it possible to get this tweak or any multitask tweak work with Zephyr? Meaning, when you use Zephyr to load multitask bar this (or any other tweak like it) would pop up instead of the standard one? Thanks.

    • Sorry, no. Zephyr only works the way it does and can’t be changed. You’ll just have to use activator.

      • Yes it does. You can set CardSwitcher to activate when you swipe from the bottom of the screen.

      • Yes “it” does? You’re talking about activator right?

  • Looks good but i wont buy it for the following reasons.
    No rotation lock button, no player controls & vertical scrolling instead of horizontal.
    It would be good if you could swipe left from the first page (horizontal paging) and have the rotation & player controls as they appear in the switcher. Also to fill the space above them where a card would normally be, album art can be used.

  • multifl0w anybody?

    • Jeff Budke

      Multifl0w is great but this is 2/5th the price.

    • This is 5 times better than multifl0w

      • except from the live view thing, they are identical…same tweak different developer.

      • Both drain ram memory…and do not replace the need to use Multitasking in order to close some apps that remain open.

  • Anonymous

    still don’t see it in Cydia… only v1.9.xx

    • Anonymous

      That is it, worry there was a bit of a mix up with version numbers. 1.9.9- = 2.0

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome! Apple should have implemented multitasking like this is the first place

  • Does anyone else have this problem? Apps show up live only after I close and reopen CardSwitcher…really annoying.

    • Yep had the same issue, hopefully there’s an update to fix it cause it’s not dumping apps.

      • Anonymous

        Which iOS version are you both on? Could you email me a more detailed bug report of what’s happening? Or contact me on twitter: @freerunnering

      • I’m on 5.01 on a 4s, and already sent you a Twitter but I’ll describe more.
        Using Backgrounder with following settings:
        Forced, Fast App Switching ON, Unsupported FAS OFF, Fall back to Native ON, Enable at Launch ON, Stay Enabled ON, Badge OFF, Status Bar Icon ON, Minimize on Toggle OFF.

        Several bugs that have been a problem:
        The live display is intermittent. Sometimes it works perfectly (immediately live displays app upon activation). Usually I need to open CS, switch to another app, then reactivate for the live display to function for the app. Sometimes just plain doesn’t work. I’m using the same app all this time, Angry Birds Space, which is not an override in Backgrounder.

        Closing the Music app when nothing else is open freezes up my phone, have to do a hard reset (power button+home button).

        This might be Backgrounder’s fault for being in Beta for 5.01, but randomly I’ll get a popup alert “Backgrounding Disabled” and I can’t do anything in the app. I can switch to other apps but the alert pops up everywhere. Can only respring/restart to fix this.

    • Anonymous

      The apps not being live with Backgrounder installed seems to be your backgrounder settings, you aren’t forcing everything to be backgrounded but instead letting iOS freeze the app in memory.
      Suspended apps aren’t doing something, including displaying, so I can’t show a live feed for those. Instead CardSwitcher shows an image of the app from just before it was suspended.

      I haven’t ever encountered those other bugs.
      I can’t think of any code in CardSwitcher which touches the music app or could cause the device to freeze.
      And the random alert of “Backgrounding Disabled” IS part of Backgrounder, I guess just a faulty one?

      • Haha i just uninstalled Backgrounder, my phone was stuck in a safe mode reboot loop until i got rid of it. So should the live display work w/o Backgrounder, or is that necessary?

        I really like CardSwitcher, definitely on par/superior to Multiflow with the live display, just really want that to work!

      • Anonymous

        The live views aren’t dependant on Backgrounder no.
        CardSwitcher will show an live feed of any application which is still actually running.

        iOS’s multitasking freezes/suspends app in ram for better memory usage though. For these apps it shows an image of the app just before the system suspended it.

        CardSwitcher itself doesn’t interfere with the actually multitasking/back grounding of apps. If the user uses backgrounder all apps will be still running & so all will have a live feed CardSwitcher can show if not it doesn’t mind though, it’ll show an image.
        It just shows the currently active/running/open (hard to use the right word) apps & plays nicely with everything else (backgrounder, iOS, or anything that might come along yet)

      • Figured out why apps were getting suspended! I set Activator to initiated CS whenever I pressed the Home button, and I guess that registers as suspending the app.

  • Anonymous

    only problem is the dismissing the tweak requires a home button double press… please make it a single press..

    • Play around with your activator settings 🙂

    • I’m able to dismiss CardSwitcher by single taping the wallpaper. Give it a try.

  • Great app. I was a fan of CardSwitcher before, then switched to Imperium, now I’m back to CardSwitcher. I love the grid view. Reminds me or MultiFlow but better (could never get MultiFlow working smoothly on iOS 5). The only bug I have noticed that is sometimes CardSwitcher will randomly close one of the apps. Its happened twice to me but haven’t been able to recreate it since. Overall very nice and smooth app. I am on iOS 5.0.1, iPhone 4 btw.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, glad you hear you like CardSwitcher so much!

      About the app closing bug, I don’t think CardSwitcher is closing the apps, however if while CardSwitcher is open iOS decides that the device is low on ram and closes an app CardSwitcher will update it’s UI to reflect that the app is no longer running (CS shows the currently running apps).

      • @iky1e: I found a new bug. It happens every now and then but not often at all. Maybe this is being caused by the live update feature. Maybe an option to turn off live update could fix this but I have no idea how easy it would be to implement it. Check the photo for more details regarding the bug.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, yeah I know about that issue.
        And yes you’re right it is todo with the live view feature.
        It happens when you close an app then quickly open CardSwitcher, the app is still preparing itself to be suspended and so still running.
        CardSwitcher detects its still running and so tries to display a live feed, however the app then finishes winding down and is suspended. This means it isn’t displaying anything anymore and the feed just shows black.

        As proof of this, rather than a rubbish work around, closing and then reopening CS will make it check which apps are running and so you should then not see the black view anymore as CS has switched to an image.

        I’m working on a way to more accurately track when an app gets suspended to avoid this sort of UI bug.

  • Eric Morgan

    You can see more than 4 by pinching the screen when 5 or more are open. It shows 9. Can’t stand reviewers who don’t how to use what they’re reviewing.

  • Azee Mehr

    Cardswitcher was running as a charm before recent upgrade.
    What happens is
    When I close any of my last app running, my iphone screen gets blank (nothing visible after closing last app). To get back my springboard icons visible, i must have to lock & then unlock my iphone then every thing gets normal.

    In short words, cardswitcher dosen’t allows me to fall back to my springboard after closing all apps, untill I lock & then unlock the iphone.
    Please help.

  • Azee Mehr

    Cardswitcher was running quite fine before recent upgrade.
    What happens is
    when I close any of my last app running, my iphone screen gets blank (nothing visible after closing last app). To get back my springboard icons visible, i must have to lock & then unlock my iphone then every thing gets normal.

    In short words, cardswitcher dosen’t allows me to fall back to my springboard after closing all apps, untill I lock & then unlock the iphone.

    Please help.