Sparrow Push tweak adds push notifications to Sparrow for iPhone [Updated]

By , Mar 19, 2012

Sparrow for iPhone would surely file as a dream come true for mobile email addicts if it weren’t for its lack of push notifications for incoming email messages, as we noted in our video review. Enter Sparrow Push, a handy little Cydia tweak for jailbroken devices that adds this useful feature to the otherwise awesome email client.

Once installed, Sparrow Push will enable notifications for incoming email messages even when the program is in the background, allowing you to stay on top of important email messages as they hit the server…

Power users who jailbreak their devices and were previously put off may want to reconsider their Sparrow for iPhone purchase as with this tweak the app becomes a real replacement for the stock Mail app.

According to the developer’s website, rather than check for email periodically, the Sparrow Push tweak “enables this functionality using IMAP idle”, allowing for optimized performance that conserves your device’s battery.

Sparrow Push uses a very efficient implementation using the same APIs that VoIP apps like Skype use. Since there is an additional, permanent internet connection and Sparrow becomes active everytime there is activity in the email account, there will be a higher battery usage, but it should be comparable to what Apple Mail’s exchange push implementation is.

Once you install the tweak, you’re advised to restart Sparrow and your device.

Sparrow Push is now available for free on the Cydia Store, via the BigBoss repo.

Update: So apparently the Sparrow Push tweak makes music stop after closing the Music app, Spotify, etc. Hence, we’d recommend holding off until an update is issued to fix this problem. iOS Developer, Ron Melkhior, is also working on his own push notification solution for Sparrow, so that could prove to be a better option. Stay tuned. Thanks to @Hrvi for the heads up.

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  • Ron Melkhior

    It won’t be 3.99$, this is just a mistake that the developer did, when he copied the website from his 3G-Unrestrictor website. He said he will fix it soon. The tweak will be for free.

  • Ronen Mendezitsky

    It’s shameful to ask me to pay 3.99$ for a feature in an app that costs 2.99$. I rather wait until Sparrow wise up and add push mail and notifications themselves.

    • Amit K

      I don’t think that it is going to happened but you absolutely right!

      • Ronen Mendezitsky

        I don’t mind not having push mail available, but the no notifications thing is killing me. A mail app without any notification settings is pretty useless.

    • Sebastien

      No, this tweak is actually free

  • n0m0n

    Where can it be found?
    I searched via Cydia and it did not show up.
    Do I need to add a repo?


    • n0m0n

      No one can let me know what the repo is?
      Its still not showing when I search in Cydia.

      • Sebastien

        Not available yet

  • Anonymous

    Available for free on Cydia!

    • Anonymous

      and the hyperlink to the cydia package should start with ‘cydia://’ 😉

      • Anonymous


  • Joshua Rawlings

    GOD BLESS the jailbreak community. I’m using this iPad 3 wishing it had the capabilities my iPhone has

  • ali azim

    is it available or not? my iMessage

    • n0m0n

      It is now.

  • Simon

    Boxcar + Sparrow = <3

  • Anonymous

    If you want to complain about the it not having push then email Apples CEO about it.

    So until apples takes there head out of there ass & allow apps like this access to a API like the VOIP apps do then it has to be done with a JB tweak.

  • AnnaD

    I don’t trust a Cydia tweak to connect with my email service, especially when its a 3rd party app like Sparrow. This tweak could easily steal your Gmail account and information!

    • Juan

      then don’t install it. it’s a really simple solution to your dilema. You’re welcome.

  • ali azim

    and actually it doesn’t work!

    • Anonymous

      the app must be running in the background

      • Justin Marshall

        Yeah. Bummer. Not really push notifications. Still worth the download though.

  • Neil Sardesai

    Just use Boxcar. It’s free and it’s on the (official) App Store.

  • crash-x


    I am the developer of Sparrow Push and the background audio issue has been fixed in the last update. And it is available for free!

    Greetings, Kim

  • Travis Worm

    I jailbroke my iPhone just for this app, but it was really not working for me with the Sparrow app version 495. Do I miss something?