Which one boots up faster? The answer to this question is pretty obvious if you take into consideration that the new iPad has more technical resources at its disposal than its predecessor.

While the iPad 2 is certainly no slouch in the performance department, the new iPad — as expected — defeated it on boot up tests every time.

Check out our hands-on comparison inside….

It took about 5-6 additional seconds before the iPad 2 was able to catch up with its big brother. Granted, this isn’t a very scientific test, and the iPad 2 isn’t a fresh clean install, it still should give you a ballpark figure as to what to expect.

What do you think?

  • Just like you said, it doesn’t really matter in Daily usage.
    But just for the sake of it.

    What i really would love to see is a Close up comparison between different apps in Image quality between iPad 2 and 3.Gen iPad

    • Check YouTube they have a lot of comparison between iPad 2 and the new iPad 3

  • The more I look the more I want…

  • Anonymous

    sorry, but do you have nothing better to do 😀

  • Dan

    not that much of a difference, I almost never turn my iPad off. I agree would be nice to see the difference in response time for aps etc

  • Anonymous

    As you said it doesn’t matter cause everyone leave’s his iPad’s open. You need to look more into within the applications and games that would look much better

  • I am more concerne about the memory more than the speed for iOS, of course it is always good to have faster speed and also more ram~

  • There’s like nothing really to talk about this new iPad so hey let’s do this boot up test lol

  • I think “Who Cares”. A couple of measly seconds saved at boot up. Are you kidding me. I guess it’ll come in handy when you’re about have a plane crash. At least you’ll know the poor suckers with iPads 2 won’t boot up in time to video tape you flying through the window of a 747. Then the sucker with the iPad 2 now has an iPad 3.
    Should’ve taken it with you through the window mate,,

  • this doesnt matter much to anyone…..guys, this is a great blog, dun update it for the sake of it if there are no worthy news of apple n its pdts recently….

  • Anonymous

    My iPad one is beating my friends new iPad when we do a boot test. Does that make sense, Jeff Benjamin?

  • Like Steve Jobs said: couple of seconds for each individual in all the world life times can be saved.

  • you dont see the speed difference until you boot up the more hardcore apps such as the Infinity Blade series, GTA 3 or the N.O.V.A. series. And OH! Not to mention the new Photoshop app! My iPad 2 kinda lagged a bit while using that app.

  • Jeff is really impatient lol

  • Tom

    It’s kinda funny to think of an iPad booting. I see it so rarely.