And you thought iOS 5.1’s new Lock screen camera was fast? FastCam is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that allows you to access your iPhone’s camera API using a simple Activator action.

The nice thing about FastCam is that it works anywhere, even at the Lock screen. In fact, it’s faster than the Lock screen camera feature found on iOS 5, and still faster after the improvements made with iOS 5.1.

Check out our video preview of FastCam straight ahead…

FastCam is scheduled to be released on Cydia’s BigBoss repo in the very near future, and it will be a free download for jailbroken iOS 5 users.

Let us know what you think about FastCam in the comments below.

  • I was just going to say can’t this be done with activator already? haha. cant wait for this. as of right now I have the slider apps mod to access camera faster

  • Imahottguy

    What was that other tweak listed in Activator called “Imperium”?

    • jose castro

      i was wondering the same thing lol, was that a sneak peek lol

  • Mark de Vocht

    Remember Snappy? it looks like the same kind of tweak but it doesn’t seem to have the camera switch option…

    • Imahottguy

      Swap cameras or swap modes? Camera swap is in the upper right corner.

      • Mark de Vocht

        Mode switch, from stills to video

    • seanwes

      I much prefer Snappy. It also has activator toggles for “open in camera mode”, “open in video mode”, as well as “open and take an immediate picture” and “open and immediately start recording video”.

      It also gives you library access (which you can even set to be disabled with lockscreen use for privacy reasons).

  • rick james

    cameralock shows the camera shortcut without having to double press home

  • You could also use Springtomize to have the camera without having to double press home button 😛

  • Don’t understand why not use the native app-open method in activator…….

    • I was thinking the same thing, just use activator to launch the regular camera app, I’ve been doing it that way, along time before this “tweak”

      • this is different from the activator method because it only loads the camera, so its faster. didn’t have the camera roll on the bottom left or video option on the bottom right

  • use springtomizer and put camera on lockscreen is more than enuff…..

  • This is cool n very fast, but the catch is it allows only one pic at a time. thats bad.

  • Is there just a tweak to speed up the camera?