Springround is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that will allow you to access your iPhone’s Home screen app icons from anywhere.

In order to accomplish this feat, the developers of Springround employed the trusty Activator, which allows it to be invoked inside any app.

Springround is the perfect mix of function and simplicity as you’ll see from our hands-on video inside…

Besides the Activator action configuration, Springround features on additional setting that allows you to interact with an app in the background while your app icons are on screen. For instance, I was able to browse the web in the background, while also swiping from left to right as I navigated through my installed apps.

Springround has yet to be released, but expect it to touch down later this week on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99.

What do you think?

  • Ive had this Tweak for a while now. I simply hit the home button when im in an app and it shows my springboard.

  • how did you get it?

    • it hasnt come out yet, it says it comes out later this week, looking forward

    • I may be wrong but I think he is being a tad sarcastic. Think about it!!

      • it was suposed to be a reply to matthew cooper 😛

    • Haha sorry i was bein sarcastic. I dont kno if this is a necessary tweak. It takes the same energy to just do it the regular way and its prolly cleaner too

  • Anonymous

    Looks awesome

  • I really like it. It almost makes the app switcher redundant.

  • Rob

    And now that the ipad event’s coverage is over, Master Jeff comes back with his super tweaks 🙂

  • Looks good only thing is will it work wiv springtomize. Coz i’m not giving that up.

  • Anonymous

    i noticed background interraction seemed only viable if you only have a few apps on the screen i bet you can’t interract if you have a page full of apps because there’s no background to select. also its slightly ironic that you can disable the interraction with the tweak settings but then you get locked out so can’t re-enable, so you’d have to resort to the trusty Home button anyway.

    nice idea, but as commented, Apple made this available to everyone already 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what the purpose would be to invoke springboard and continue to use the active app behind it. Doesn’t seem to serve a productive purpose. If the purpose is to not use the home button, i think Zephyr does a much better job.

  • seems redundant….waiting for profile settings tweak that works on iOS 5 instead….

  • Cloudi Windi

    Jeff, will it work in landscape mode?

  • Luis Finke

    suspiciously like launchpad… wait a minute, launchpad and springboard are THE SAME! 0_0

  • Lachlan Beaton

    This is Juff, wid I dunlud blug!

  • Kaleef

    iOS 6 support please…