If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed about an Apple hardware release these days, it’s that all of us are going to wonder just what innards are hidden beneath that oh-so-gorgeous exterior.

The new iPad is no different, and while the rumors suggest that the new tablet will sport a considerable chunk of RAM, 1GB to be exact, it’s not likely that Apple will be sharing the fact any time soon.

In fact, we doubt they’ll ever share the iPad’s amount of RAM with us mere mortals…

For those keeping score, the original iPad came with 256MB of RAM, and the second packed twice that amount, 512MB. The new iPad’s move to 1GB would make perfect sense, especially considering the increase in texture sizes required for that huge resolution which comes by way of the Retina display.

But still, Apple won’t tell us. It never does.

Apple seems to be moving away from the tech-specs race with its post-PC devices, preferring instead to push the features and benefits of its devices rather than entering into a pure specification race with its competition. With Android tablets often sporting higher speeds and more memory than the iPad, Apple is wise to keep mum on the situation.

At the end of the day, so long as the thing blows the competition out of the water where it matters – the experience, the apps, the whole feel of iOS – then who really cares about the amount of RAM hidden inside?

Not us!

[The Verge]

  • They’re going to need all of that RAM if they keep making huge iOS applications like the iWork and iLife suites.

  • Well I care. Just because I watch iOS eat up my memory. So more is always better. And to support a quad core processor and retina display, it would only make sense to upgrade the ram to 1GB. I think that will be quite sufficient. I catch my ram below a 100 mb on my ipad sometimes all the way down to 10 or 15 and it lags like crap until i kill back grounding apps in the switcher (and yes it does eat up memory cuz when I kill them my ram goes from 20 MB to almost 180 without freeing up processes in memory using sbsettings). So I am sure iFixit it will have a tear down and iDB will have an article all about the specs of the new iPad.

    • That is true, but part of the issue with the Lag when your jailbroken would be because you are running individual tweaks rather then one collected system like stock iOS, my Jailbroken 4S has no issues with lag, but I am also meticulous with what tweaks I install, I really only have Intelliscreen x, Zephyr and Zeppelin.

      That being said, 1GB would be more then sufficient, concidering iOS still does mulltitasking as a bookmarklet, plenty of RAM to one single applications.

    • (correction: Quad core graphics, dual core processor.)

  • More powerful iOS devices load Cydia faster

  • Anonymous

    I care, and RAM does matter a lot!


  • Anonymous

    you can never have too much ram

    • I’ve always wondered that…
      but my friend told me that more than a certain amount of ram would actually make your device slower…
      I’m not sure how though… i’m a designer, not IT professional…

  • Anonymous

    RAM and processor speed are the most important things in a tablet. The screen and memory come second, to me at least. That’s why I’m passing on the iPad 3; dual-core processor=no go for me. Everyone else might think that’s overpowered, but for me to live in a “post-PC era” I need my tablet to be able to do everything my PC used to do. And that’s just not possible with a dual-core ARM processor.

    • you’ll be waiting for a long time then.

    • Anonymous

      don’t you mean quad core processor?

      • Nope. He means dual core. The iPad has quad core graphics, not qc CPU. However, he is misguided here. The 12 core gpu that the transformer has, is rumored to be benchmarked lower than the quad core iPad. Therefore, number does not always equate to better speeds or abilities.

      • I totally agree with you.
        as long as the device does what it odes smoothly and runs all the apps available with no problem, i wouldn’t care about the number much either…

    • Anonymous

      So, you will probably buy a Windows 8 tablet running a Atom SoC.
      That will (probably) be able to do everything you are used to do in your PC…

      If i were you, I wouldn’t be so obsessed with the number of cores that the processor has.
      It has been proved with benchmarks that an Atom SoC can be faster that dual-core ARM, although it has single core.
      There are almost infinite variables that can make a CPU run faster or slower than others (pipeline length, bus speed, in order or out of order execution, cache size and management, efficiency in decoding instructions, etc) and number of cores are not the only one (it is probably the easiest, but not necessary the best one).

  • I do really care about speed, dont lie telling you dont care!

    • we all care about speed.
      and that’s what apple keeps telling you.
      “it just works”
      it gets the job done and pretty much better than any other tablets out there.
      you can bring an argument about browser speed (which is the only thing that bothers me sometimes) but i wouldn’t give the experience of the iOS away just so the web loads a second faster.
      after that I’d be stuck with android 2.3 or 3 if i’m lucky.

  • KewlDewd

    EVERYBODY here is missing the point point of this article. Knowing exactly how much ram is in your device won’t make it any faster. What matters is how it it performs. Don’t you think Apple has used what is necessary to handle everything an iPad does?

    “No…I need more ram. I’ve never used the device, it hasn’t even been released yet, but I KNOW it needs more ram!!!!”

  • You just referred to Apple as “it”

    • which is correct. Apple is “a” company. “a” is an article meaning one. and the correct pronoun to use is “it”…which is annoying that so many people write “Apple are” …it’s “Apple is…”

  • 富春丽

    The non-editable part Wikipedia says that it has 1024 megabytes of RAM.

  • Imahottguy

    My iPad1 and I eat RAM all the time! I am so excited for the new iPad, too bad I won’t be getting one for at least a few months (money == really tight).

    • if you are all for specs, why do you so easily change just because apple doesn’t give what you want. that’s creepy. it’s a for profit company, worship something else

  • Apple is trying to market differently…..ipad 1, ipad 2..ipad….you dont have to figure out if your ipad is better than the commuter on the train besides you……all you have to know is it works….similiar thing for this…….as much as ppl love apple….we still want to know the specs!…….please dont go the way of headphone brand beats by dr dre…..they selling you product A B C at 3 different prices, without telling you what are the differences…..i think that’s bullshit.