Apple has posted their new iPad media event from today, March 7th, in its entirety.

Hit up this link to watch the full uninterrupted keynote for yourself.

Let us know how you think Tim Cook did with his first product launch since being named Apple CEO.

  • Nick Menzo

    that link shows the iphone 4s launch. weird!

    • Nick Menzo

      well it is up now.. I was watching the replay of that 4s launch (because I am a nerd) and in the middle of it the video froze and picked up right in the middle of the ipad announcement! lol so i started it up from the beginning.

  • Nick Menzo

    and this is his second…he was the ceo for the 4s launch.

  • ron-mcse

    so what is the “and Touch” from a few days ago announcement?

    • The new Apple TV. You didn’t hear? When you plug the new Apple TV box into your HDTV, it turns your normal flat panel HDTV into a touch screen!

      • ron-mcse

        Haha, oh yea, i just replayed it, how did I miss that? 🙂

  • Howard Ellacott

    Love the way he says Macintosh..

    • It’s “impordent”.

  • Anonymous

    how do you download the keynote? apple hasn’t posted it on youtube yet