Don’t have time to go through the 2 hour video of the new iPad announcement? We’ve got you covered. Here is today’s event in 90 seconds…

I understand you might not want to sit for 2 hours watching the keynote, but if you want to learn a little more about Apple’s latest tablet, make sure to check our post about everything you need to know about the new iPad.


  • byulasfjazz

    funniest part… worlds largest dog.. it was so random hahhaha

  • 5 Mpx camera… That’s already pursuaded me not to buy it.

    • really?
      were you expecting a higher than iPhone 4S resolution in a device thinner than the iPhone?

      • Yep

      • KewlDewd

        If the camera is the most important feature for you then you probably shouldn’t buy a tablet anyway. There are tons of devices (like actual cameras maybe?) that will do that for you. That said, what’s wrong with the 5mp camera on the new iPad? From the sample photos that have been released, it looks great. If you’re only concerned about megapixels, then you must do a lot of printing of your photos at large sizes. I doubt it though. Next to no one does. There’s no rational argument for high pixel counts in phone/tablet cameras. But the ignorant buying public demands it so hardware companies have to up the pixel count to compete.

    • are you really one of those doofuses who goes around taking pictures with an /iPad/???

      • Kyle, what is the point in putting a camera on it with a camera option then IF I’m one of those “doofuses” as you call people that take photos with an iPad? Not insulting too many people then by saying that, are you?
        I don’t have an iPad nor do I have any tablet for that matter but I was thinking about buying one recently.
        Anyway, I’m not here to get into an argument with anybody. I just have my own opinion and seen that this is a blog I thought I would share it. Everyone has their own opinion, do they not?
        If you love this iPad then enjoy it and your life.

  • Anonymous

    “World’s largest dog,” excellent that was the one part I would have been sad to see cut.

  • has any carrier actually reached the Maximum theoretical download speed of 3G network yet?
    and wouldn’t that be more than enough for almost 99% of us?
    why bring new tech when the old one if worked on can satisfy everybody?
    I don’t get 4G…

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree. I din’t get it either.

    • Anonymous

      Remember it works on several bands, unless it’s just LTE in the States.

  • iPad is everywhere. They respond..iPad. iPad. iPad. iPad. iPad!!

  • Hello Guys….i suddenly had a problem with my iphone 4 ios 5.0.1 untethered..the problem is when i woke up today my pfone was on general profile and i didnt hear the sound when i slide to unlock my phone..then the msg doesnt make any sound when the sms came nor does the keyboard click sound works..when someone calls then the ringtone sound is normal i can hear it but other than that nothing works…..plzz jeff or other guys at iDB..plzzz help out here..????????/

  • $99 iPad? I think they should have had something in between that.

  • Aaaaamaaazing….beginning actually hate that word. I’m a true Apple user, but I must say I don’t like their events that much…so predicable what they’ll say.
    If someone came up on the podium with a mug of coffee with the apple logo on it, he will say ‘thanks, and this cup is just Aaaamaaazing’ and everyone will applause.
    Just very annoying word that they use much to often and lately I beginning to understand the non apple fans who say Apple is like a cult sadly.

    Like the iPhone 4s (which I have)’s truly aaaamaaazing….whats so amazing about it compare to other devices on the market? It’s just a personal feeling that some like IOS (like myself) and some like others, but stop saying aaaamazing if it’s not a major technical revolution that no one has been using before in their devices.