We’ve seen Motorola take on Apple in the courtroom, now it’s taking on its popular digital assistant feature. The company just posted three videos to its YouTube account of three of its handsets taking on the iPhone 4S in voice-control.

The videos star the Motorola Atrix 2, the Photon 4G and the Electrify using Android’s Voice Action component. The sentiment here seems to be that Motorola believes that its feature is superior to Siri, but we’ll let you be the judge of that…

Despite Motorola’s handsets finishing tasks a hair quicker than the iPhone 4S in most cases, the features seem to be fairly on par with each other albeit two major differences. For one, the GPS element on Android is far superior to the one in iOS. It still amazes me that Apple has yet to bring turn by turn voice directions to its mobile products.

The other difference is diversity. Siri isn’t just popular because it can perform simple tasks, it stands out because it has a wide range of capabilities (especially if you’re jailbroken). Try asking Android’s Voice Action feature to tell you a joke or a story, or look up facts in Wolfram Alpha. Novelties or not, these are things that help Apple sell iPhones.

Regardless, it seems like voice control is becoming much more than just a passing trend. And it’ll be interesting to see how all handset-manufacturers build on their respective features moving forward.

What do you think of Motorola’s Siri vs. Voice Action videos?


  • Def liked how it processed stuff faster and I am sure that once the Root community gets ahold of it tweaks will start coming out. Def makes me wonder how certain I am of getting a iphone 5. Still not happy with how fragmented android is so idk. Def a interesting read though 🙂

  • Cant wait for siri + tv

  • Really defeats the purpose. People like Siri because you can ask it things, I use it mostly to check weather, ask questions etc.

    No doubt Apple is going to add a lot more services onboard in the new year, Siri is just going to get more and more robust. I don’t really use it for texting, I can type just as quick.

    • Personally I use it to text alot when I am stuck in traffic for 25 minutes everyday after work. It’s funny how differently everyone uses siri as I hardly ask it what the weather is since I can just pull down my notification center and see it lol. I love how diverse we can be in the jailbreak community 🙂

      • I used it to text to begin with, But everyone I know uses Viber, So its easier for me to do that, plus I don’t need to worry if it comes out wrong haha

        I am sure once the kinks are taking out for Australian users ( it still can’t comprehend some of our lingo) that I will use it more.

  • meh still love my 4S

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Siri still in beta? I’m sure it will be much better when iPhone 5 comes.

  • Cloudi Windi

    Voice Action you have to click “send” every times. Lol but Siri is not, on top of that Siri with a jailbroken device is Hand Free Control.

  • Big deal! Google voice is good and all, but Siri is still in the beta stage. It was already said prior to this post that she will become more robust.

    Google voices is good, but what about the rest of the Android software, apps and all? One or two features that work really well can’t not sway me. Theirs a reason why iOS has become 1! Again… I’m not an Apple fanboy, Just a fan of quality software and good tech. Apple’s getting the job done in those departments, along with the JB Dev crews.

  • Siri 2.0 iOS 5.1

    Jailbreak 2 + iTweak, add more speed to siri

  • Now what would happen if you told the motorola phone you loved it? Would it have a clever response?

  • Anonymous

    Guys Don’t you ever think that’s motorola might connect the iPhones to a slow wireless service to show u how fast its device is
    I know it’s silly but many silly things always come out from these companies