Looking for an instantaneous method for blurring the background after invoking Notification Center?

If so, then perhaps Ryan Petrich’s longwinded FastBlurredNotificationCenter will suit your needs.

This is a free jailbreak tweak available on Petrich’s beta repo, which causes an instant blur effect for Notification Center.

Inside we have a brief video of it in action, along with the link you need to score a free copy for yourself…

If your iOS 5 device is jailbroken, simply add the following repo to your Cydia sources: http://rpetri.ch/repo/

Being that the tweak is beta, it’s fairly bare bones, and there are no options to configure, or even as much as a simple kill switch.

Still, for a free tweak, FastBlurredNotificationCenter does what it is intended to do, and does it well.

How do you think this tweak compares to BlurriedNCBackground — another free tweak that lends a blurring effect to Notification Center?

  • Tyler Bickel

    Does anybody feel like it is more fluid? I didn’t really notice much of a difference.

    • To be quiet honest, I didn’t either. I also prefer the coloring/tinting of BlurriedNCBackground as opposed to this.

  • NCColors does the same thing plus you can change the color… BTW the blur in NCColors is done by Ryan Petrich.

    • Tyler Bickel

      This is a great tip! Just switched. Now I have the same effect as FastBlurredNotificationCenter but with colors and a toggle on/off switch 🙂


  • I prefer the fact you can choose tints in BlurriedNCBackground, this is a nice tweak though.

  • I don’t notice any delay with plain old BlurriedNCBackground.

    • exactly.

      • Anonymous

        The “plain old NCBackground” was update it to be faster after this tweak got released… I downloaded the NCback and it was slow as a snail at first

      • was never ever slow for me, had it since release. worked just like this tweak.

  • can’t add source…..

  • how did you get pages on your notification center thing? or is it still intelliscreenX?

    • As far as I know, it is only intelliscreenx

  • It works perfect. better than BlurriedNCBackground

  • You can also do this with springtomize 2, it’s not quite blurred, but it is clear and without any lag

  • Dan

    I prefer this to BlurriedNCBackground and have been using it for about a week

  • Anonymous

    It has a major problem though, not sure if its just on the ipod 4g, but its causing a memory leak of about 2 MB each time you open and close the Notification center.

    Both vercions (The Original and this one) seem to have this problem

    • i can confirm this

      • Anonymous

        Good, im glad im not the only one with the problem xD
        I did have to un install it though… once, i had 10 MBs left, and absolutly nothing would run on the ipod…

    • Yep, I sent a mail to the dev of BlurriedNCBackground regarding this a few days ago but got no answer. =(

  • It looks cool but it interferes with IntelliscreenX.

  • bother to tell me how to have a swipe effect for twitter and facebook in the notification center like in the video? i have been off for months with iDB’s latest…

  • Jeff, no lie, I was going to mention this to you in a YouTube comment for the BlurriedNCBackground vid

    • “no lie”…whoa, for realz yo?

  • Im sure you got this tip from reddit..

  • Who knows a tweak that makes navigationbar (top bar with clock) of the springboard also blurred?