Looking to make Siri more responsive on older devices like the iPhone 4? Then you may want to give this free jailbreak tweak a go.

QuickSiri allows you to outright bypass Siri opening in the small 1/4 window mode in favor of full screen mode. The developer of the tweak claims that this can make Siri more responsive on older devices.

But does it actually work?

Indeed, QuickSiri does seem to work. It’s not some miraculous change in speed or anything, but it does seem to make Siri a bit more responsive on my iPhone 4 running Spire.

Even without the added responsiveness, if you simply like the idea of Siri being forced into full screen mode from the get go, then you may want to give QuickSiri a look. It’s free on the ModMyi repo for jailbroken iOS 5 users.

Have you tried QuickSiri on your pre-4S device? Let us know how your experience was in the comments section.

  • Not going to lie, I really don’t think it does anything. It’s mostly just a graphical appearance change.

    • thanks for not lying

  • A ‘slight’ speed improvement. I personally like fullscreen over the 1/4 screen. Still waiting for a launchpad esque siri theme to match BlurriedNCBackground.

  • great tweak.

  • The tweak really work for me!

  • After using Siri on my iPhone 4 the past 2 days I def notice a speed improvement upon opening with this tweak. It also solved the issue I was having where some time my mic didn’t even show for about 5 full seconds. now it’s more like 2 seconds after the beep and full screen. Love it.

  • Jay

    The Siri theme used here is Neurotech Siri, and can be found on the Cydia Store 🙂

    • hello self promotion…how about a few free copies to IDB readers, with jeff doing a write up? since it was my idea, i gladly accept one myself.

      • Jay

        Why do people always ask for free stuff? I’ve never asked anyone for anything for free, ever.

        If you can afford an iPhone or Touch you can afford my themes.

      • youre the kind of developer that makes me glad that xsellize is around. there is a reason, i haven’t downloaded it from xsellize, i think its an ugly theme. i started off teasing you cause of your self promotion. i didn’t really want one for myself. just a jest. now calm down and relax mr. never ask for free stuff, ever…idiot

      • Jay

        Aww, poor little baby – don’t cry :*(

      • Dan

        give him a break, he probably already gives out an insane number of free copies on the pirate repo’s, that’s bound to make someone bitter

    • Tom

      Does Neurotech Siri slow Siri down at all? Siri is pretty slow on my iPhone 4, and I like the theme. I’m just loathe to add it in case it slows Siri down even more!

      Ideally I would like a response from someone other than Jay for obvious reasons (no offence Jay!).

      • Jay

        I have a free Siri theme called Diamond Siri. You can test it with that 🙂

      • Tom

        Oh cool. Thanks! 🙂

  • GREAT tweak. never liked how it opened just a quarter of the way, alway’s wanted it to go full-screen off top. love it.

  • ML

    Works great on both my 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4S. Well done!!

  • what is the size of spire ?

    • Dan

      it’s about over 100 megs, you’re better downloading it on wi-fi

  • How could u install Siri by spire ?
    I couldn’t find any good server
    And I can’t pay for it *^*

    • Dan

      there’s your problem there, if you’re not willing to pay for a server, you won’t find a good one

      • Any good paying proxy’s out there to suggest ?

      • Dan

        yeah I’ve been using The Three Little Pigs siri proxy for a few weeks and it works well

  • Now if I can just get Spire updated so that it doesn’t make my memory g0 from 200 to 80 whenever I open Safari >.< Cool tweak though def gonna give it a go.

  • Hey Jeff,
    Can i use your Spire server?

    • Tom

      Nice try. I have to admire your balls/optimism!

  • Darko Hamzic

    Hey. I can not find this tweak on Cydia. Is not there yet?? Thx

  • Darko Hamzic

    Hey. I can not find this tweak on Cydia. Is not there yet?? Thx