‘QuickSiri’ opens Siri in full screen mode, claims to make Siri faster on older devices

Looking to make Siri more responsive on older devices like the iPhone 4? Then you may want to give this free jailbreak tweak a go.

QuickSiri allows you to outright bypass Siri opening in the small 1/4 window mode in favor of full screen mode. The developer of the tweak claims that this can make Siri more responsive on older devices.

But does it actually work?


Indeed, QuickSiri does seem to work. It’s not some miraculous change in speed or anything, but it does seem to make Siri a bit more responsive on my iPhone 4 running Spire.

Even without the added responsiveness, if you simply like the idea of Siri being forced into full screen mode from the get go, then you may want to give QuickSiri a look. It’s free on the ModMyi repo for jailbroken iOS 5 users.

Have you tried QuickSiri on your pre-4S device? Let us know how your experience was in the comments section.