There are already multiple ways to enable iOS 5’s Notification Center on your iOS device’s Lock screen; IntelliScreenX and Bulletin come to mind.

But what if you wanted a free way to enable Lock screen Notification Center? Then you’d want to try Notiflock

Notiflock features no settings or app icons, all you do is install it and start using Notification Center from the Lock screen.

For some reason or another, Notiflock has disappeared from Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it once called home.

In the meantime, you can download Notiflock using this download link. You will need to install the deb file with iFile, or by manual means from a terminal.

What do you think about Notiflock?

Update: So it turns out that this was removed from Cydia because it was stolen code from Bulletin. Hence, we are removing the download link. Sorry.

  • Notifilock has removed from BigBoss since it’s the same as Bulletin, when I say the same, I mean to the file, in the dylib there is preference to Bulletin.dylib, so it’s Bulletin, without preferences and all that + Name changed.

    So, please, contribute to the original developer of Bulletin and not download a full copy of it.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a tweak that will make your calendar events show up on the lockscreen like they do in NC. I’m not talking about something that lets you access NC from the lockscreen. And lockinfo seems like overkill just to get calendar events to show on the lockscreen

    • There was, it was lock calender but it don’t work on iOS 5 was great I used to use it could alway try and send the dev of this tweak a email to see if he will update it to ios 5 .

  • I’ve been lazy, looking for things like this to get NC on the lockscreen, but I finally sacked up and payed $10 for IntelliscreenX and I have been incredibly satisfied ever since. I hate spending money on apps and tweaks but people aren’t lying when they say “IntelliscreenX is how notification center was supposed to be”

    • I bought it for $9.99 , I say it is not worth the price for all those functions, may be $5 is enough, just saying. ZZZZzzz

      • Yea I guess 9.99 is a little expensive considering so many other awesome tweaks and apps go for much less. But since I’m someone that really doesn’t like to pay for tweaks, I’m willing to pay $10 for such an awesome product.

      • well at least the top shelf settings is a big game changer for this tweak

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jeff, this is pretty cool, but i’ve already purchased intelliscreenX which is awesome. My question for you was how did you get your iDB logo as the carrier or 3G icon? that looks really nice.


  • That is Zeppelin that lets you change the carrier logo, just search Zeppelin in cydia and you will find the app and tons of logos for it.

  • RadishTM

    If you don’t mind me asking, what SBSettings/UISettings theme is that? Thanks.

    • it’s not an SBSettings theme, it’s the intelliscreenx quicksettings.

      • RadishTM

        Ah okay, thanks.

    • I actually have an sbsettings theme called K2NC. Not sure what repository I downloaded it from. Come back if you need help

      • RadishTM

        Yeah, I’ve seen images of it; looks nice and native to iOS 5. I’m currently using iRetina++ for UISettings.

  • Anonymous

    I ponied up and purchased Bulletin. Money well spent imo.

  • I’ve got Bulletin but has anyone else noticed that when you have the Notification Center activated on the lock screen, your springboard crashes all the time? I unchecked that preference and now I’m back to being stable.

    • Anonymous

      “I’ve got Bulletin but has anyone else noticed that when you have the Notification Center activated on the lock screen, your springboard crashes all the time?”

      I have not experienced crashes yet, fortunately.

  • Flockkaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!