It doesn’t take long to realize that your mobile provider isn’t really worried when you go over your data limit. In fact, they’re happy to ding you with a fee for another allotment of data.

WeeTrackData is a jailbreak app that resides in Notification Center, and it puts you back in the data monitoring driver’s seat.

This is an awesome tweak that will help you monitor your data usage using a variety of intervals, and user configurable billing cycles. If you’re struggling with managing your data usage, then you don’t want to miss this…

WeeTrackData costs $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, but it can literally pay for itself multiple times over if you use it effectively.

Not only is it functional, but it looks great. If Apple was ever planning on integrating a usage meter into Notification Center, I could see it looking something like this.

Does WeeTrackData look appealing to you? If so, perhaps you’ll be interested in our giveaway.

In collaboration with developer Albert Schulz, we’re giving away 5 copies of WeeTrackData.

The rules are simple:

Step 1: You must be jailbroken on iOS 5, and be able to provide us with your Cydia Account Number.

Step 2: You should comment with a Twitter account below, or another method that allows us to easily contact you.

Step 3: Leave a comment telling us how you would benefit from WeeTrackData

On Monday, we’ll contact 5 winners. Sound good?

UPDATE: Winners have been selected. You will be contacted if you won. Thanks for participating!

  • My data plan only has 500MBytes…. WeeTrackData can definitely ease my life. My Cydia account no. is #1520267

  • Can anyone please tell me what widget is Jeff using for toggles in NC in this video ?

  • Chuck Norris said it would benefit me

  • Chance that i can Follow your Blog on fullspeed

  • It’s a lot more easier to check your data plan consumption from the Notification Center.
    I have only 1GB of that and I wish I could maintain the limit w/o calling Orange twice a day.

  • Cydia#: 2936518
    The past few months I’ve been receiving the annoying text reminding me that my data usage is among the top 5% of users. The text provided a customer service number I could call if I had any questions. I called it and asked them to cease sending me messages about my data. They responded saying that they have to remind me that I’ve reached the limit before they start throttling my service. Vexed I hung up and decided to retaliate. After the call, every night before I went to bed I started streaming Netflix from my phone to increase my data usage out of spite. I also believed that the throttling was a bluff. I now sit at 7552.7 MB of data for this billing period and I still have 2 weeks to go. ..the problem is that they DID start throttling my service. It takes almost a full minute to download a THUMBNAIL of an image and streaming the 3 minute YouTube video of WeeTrackData is virtually impossible. I honestly have no personal Wi-Fi connection at home, so my phone is my only source of internet (aside from the wireless internet I’m stealing from an unsuspecting neighbor with an unsecured WLAN). I would like the app to monitor my data when I go again next month to squeeze all the MBs I can from AT$T. Thank you.

  • Kumar Rishabh

    so i live in india and my service provider charge $10 for 600 mb and i usually use all my free usage and i have to pay for my extra data usage and now with this tweak i could really manage my data usage.

  • I’m on t-mobile Germany with a 300MB data plan. Flipboard was eating up 64MB over 3G within an hour. I need a tool that could quickly identify download hogs like that. #411743

  • I just started 3 days ago with my data plan. Right now I have a 300mb of data that can be used every month. It is really a hassle going to the in order for me to check the data I’ve consumed everyday. Especially with that given data, you’ll really be conscious. I really need this tweak, which really just in time to solve my problem, in order for me to balance each day my super limited data.

    Cydia Account #3403613

  • I only have 500 MB per month and occasionally watch video on the go! I NEED to track my usage! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Can’t get this to work with lockinfo, just my iPhone or major oversight?

  • Anonymous

    Judging by other comments here it’s not my iPhones problem, surely new tweaks should be work with Lockinfo, one of the most used jb tweaks. Money wasted!

  • It would prevent me going over my data allocation.

  • Signed on a monthly data plan (800MB) and still looking for Data Usage/Tracker with simple and user-friendly GUI like this. =)

  • Zachary Rosenfeldt

    only have 200mb a month, you can guess how often I go over that haha, @nicezachr

  • It would help me monitor my usage since business requires me to be on hold many times a day

  • Anonymous

    Yes….I really need this. Stupid poverty.

  • Instead of
    checking my usage (daily) via
    Settings -> general -> Usage -> cellular Usage
    and resetting this by
    1- setting monthly reminder
    2- go monthly via Settings -> general -> Usage -> cellular Usagen-> reset Statistics

    this program will allow me to do all this by one swipe.

    and because I’m dutch I’m cheap and I want everything for free 😉

  • Is there something like that for use with Wi-Fi?

  • Tamika S Coy

    Seeing as I have a family plan, WeeTrackData would help to keep my dad from busting my chops whenever I run up our data bill. I never know when I’m close to going over the data edge…I’m just trying not to lose my head. Aha. Ha. Ha.

  • Jinn Carlo

    WeeTrackData will help me, as it’s name implies, track my data usage. Especially when you’re not on an unlimited data, WeeTrackData will inform you of your daily usage, even on a monthly basis! What’s pretty nice about the tweak is that you can set your data limit so you can see your progress on real time. Slick! t’s a must-have for 3G hoggers!

    Thanks iDB, sir Jeff and sir Albert!

    Cydia# 2878917

  • It’ll make tracking my data usage easier. I’m at 1GB with 18 days to go on my “unlimited” plan.

  • It’ll make tracking my data usage easier. I’m at 1GB with 18 days to go on my “unlimited” plan.

  • So my parents won’t beat me from going over my plan 🙁 and because Chuck Norris said so

  • It’ll help me get girls.

  • This app would be great because we’re still in 2012 with limited data plans. The revolution has yet to begin.


  • I’m using a GoPhone AT&T sim on my iphone (as I’m an internation student and have no SSN to sign a contract). Data packet is expensive ($25 for 500MB). With this jailkbreak, I can make sure that I always have data on my phone, especially in places where I’m not familiar with.

    My cydia #3206221

  • In some reviews it is written that the tweak itself stops automatically your 3g connection if you reach your limit, is that right?