WeeKillBackground Pro is a very robust app management tweak that allows you to kill all backgrounded apps in one fell swoop.

Residing in iOS 5’s Notification Center, WeeKillBackground Pro is always at your fingertips when you want to quickly kill all of your running and/or backgrounded apps.

But that’s not all, this tweak lives up to its “pro” designation by featuring a generous helping of options along with its basic settings. Check inside for the full scoop…

WeeKillBackground Pro features customization options for the look and feel of the Notification Center widget, along with font options to change the wording, text size, and text color.

There’s also a dedicated section made solely for excluding certain apps from being killed, and a Extras section to do things like automatic killing once Notification Center is closed.

At $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, WeeKillBackground Pro is a modestly priced solution with a ton of options, which will surely please all but the toughest critics.

Let us know what you think about WeeKillBackground Pro in the comments below.

  • The toughest critics… And @chpwn 😛

  • KillBackground is better. Faster killing and stuff. Try it out and it’s free. +

  • Anonymous

    I still think “KillBackground” is better. =P

  • My notification center is getting so full! Lol: I’m still using “RemoveBackground” via SBSettings but I may give this a shot. I like how much you can customize it. Thanks Jeff

    • Anonymous

      yeah my Notification Centre is also getting full with tweaks etc. However I use this tweak with IntelliScreenX Top Shelf setting.

      • I too have intelliscreen x, but I don’t have an option to kill all apps..is it an add on or something?

  • Where can I get the iDB carrier logo? that is so tight

  • @1.41 yeah, that’s why I prefer using zephyr with two fingers for left and right swipes.

    • apple prefers you to use four fingers…oh so innovative.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice, if you like to play with a lot of unnecessary stuff or with things that don’t make your iPhone any better. Either KillBackground or Remove Background do the job quite well for free.

    • every 50 uses of KillBackground will beg you to pay for it

      • Anonymous

        OK then use Remove Background. I’ve been using it for free for over a year now. Thanks for the tip, I never used it for more than 2 or 3 days.

  • Mutley HHB

    Works like a charm. I would recommend this to the fullest!!!

  • RemoveBackground is better and faster

  • how to setting, to slide up at home screen to have double click home button effect?

    • Anonymous

      This is an tweak called Zephyr.

    • u can set it in activator as well

    • u can set it in activator as well

  • Anonymous

    with respect and not wanting to sound rude, what a load of crap. RemoveBG may not have all the bells and whistles of Alpha Settings and the like but that’s because it doesn’t need it. One activator setting, a short hold on the power button, or whatever else the user chooses, kills all apps and even has an exception option. This tweak is yet another pointless duplicate and as it’s not free it is not a solution for me.

  • Dan

    nice, I’ll probably use this in tandem with killbackground

    • It’s pretty much the same

  • I used it with Zephyr to avoid using my home button alot. And I can say I’m satisfied. It also has a timer that you could adjust every 0.5 up to 120 minutes to kill all the apps on the switcher automatically, pretty nice.

  • Hi jeff, how u r able to put IDB carrier logo??

  • WeeKillBackground has an option to kill all apps every X minutes (max 120minutes)