‘WeKillBackground Pro’ makes killing apps a walk in the park

WeeKillBackground Pro is a very robust app management tweak that allows you to kill all backgrounded apps in one fell swoop.

Residing in iOS 5’s Notification Center, WeeKillBackground Pro is always at your fingertips when you want to quickly kill all of your running and/or backgrounded apps.

But that’s not all, this tweak lives up to its “pro” designation by featuring a generous helping of options along with its basic settings. Check inside for the full scoop…


WeeKillBackground Pro features customization options for the look and feel of the Notification Center widget, along with font options to change the wording, text size, and text color.

There’s also a dedicated section made solely for excluding certain apps from being killed, and a Extras section to do things like automatic killing once Notification Center is closed.

At $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, WeeKillBackground Pro is a modestly priced solution with a ton of options, which will surely please all but the toughest critics.

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