With any new product launch, Apple is known for their creative television advertising for almost every one of their products. Apple has already released a slew of advertisements for the iPhone 4S and Siri, showing how handy the personal assistant really is.

Tonight, 9to5mac points us to two new TV ads being aired by Apple. The thirty second advertisements show off Siri, and are titled “Road Trip” and “Rock God”…

The first ad, RoadTrip, shows off Siri’s awesome location features.

The second, Rock God, shows how Siri can be used on a day-to-day basis. The ad highlights Siri’s dictation feature for both notes and text messages, along with results from Wolfram Alpha.

Do you think Apple’s advertising is affective?


  • I believe it’s spelled slew

  • No Whammy

    …just a friendly suggestion: IDB (IDLB?) has slowly started covering more and more non-app related content. I know in your game, more content = more clicks = more ads, but I can get Apple news everywhere. This is (has been previously) the only place where I get the latest info on apps, JB or otherwise. Steve Jobs dying, cool, I get it, but Siri commercials, really? IDGAF, leave this crap for Gizmodo to cover.

    …OK, not so friendly maybe. I tried.

    • Then dont read it lol that should solve everything

      • Anonymous

        Basic response. Try to keep up, would you?

    • Anonymous

      I find this stuff quite interesting, having not subscribed to tv cable service in a little over 5 years it’s curious to see the new commercials. I do agree it strays slightly outside their realm, but largely they have been trying to be more comprehensive in covering all things apple i device related, and that only means broader appeal. I would suggest using a rss news ticker, or follow them on twitter, then you can ignore the news you care nothing about, and read the stuff that interests you. I personally ignore the hot deals ones as well as the friday giveaways.

      Not an idb fanboy or anything, but definitely a fan, have been quite happy with the site since transitioning from mmi, and I have no regrets and think they’re going in a great direction with this site.

    • Sorry to disappoint you but we’ve been covering the same topics ever since the site started almost 4 years ago, and that includes Steve Jobs, TV ads and more. It’s actually on our About page too, so it’s not like we’re sneaking new content in. We made it clear from the beginning what iDB is about http://www.idownloadblog.com/about/

      Now I understand you have a variety of options when it comes to Apple news, and although it’s not what I want, I wouldn’t be offended if you started reading another blog that better fits your needs.

      • No Whammy

        Regarding not reading it. I obviously don’t read it. I didn’t read this post. There’s this thing called an RSS reader that shows me all posts from a blog including super boring posts. In my mind when a blog is entitled “download blog” it probably ought to cover “downloads”. Seeing other posts is reminiscent of spam in a way. Not literally – easy fanboys!

        Sebastian, I’m sure if I’d looked through the blog’s history I’d find all kinds of shit I hated, I guess I’m just noticing it a bit more lately. I’m sure you wouldn’t give a fuck if I “left” – cute insult though. I meant my comment as a compliment FYI. IDB is better than the rest, minus the obvious shit I’ve mentioned and I assumed no one cared about. I guess I should never underestimate the kind of dramatic posts people crave. eg. “Tecca Lists the iPhone 4S Among 2011â€ēs Biggest Flops” type of click whoring; waste of time.

        If you want to be like every other tech blog, so be it. I like the original parts of this blog, as I’m sure most your fans would attest. This obviously wasn’t the best place for this tirade if I was trying to reach an audience who hated these posts. Haha.

        Keep up the *good* work. I’ll leave it at that.

      • Looks like we’re all good in the end 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Nobody forced you to read it.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody forced you to read it.

  • Maybe Siri is awesome but down deep it looks creepy to me..every time i see this kind of commercials i feel like our life, way of life, feelings and everything are getting f***ed up :S

    • Why because it makes our life easier and technology is the wave of the future! Get with it!

  • Tupac Shakur

    French siri sucks 🙁 neither wikipedia, wolframalpha or even plans are includes :'(

    • so does the real tupac…no wait, he’s dead…So did the real tupac

  • Tupac Shakur

    French siri sucks 🙁 neither wikipedia, wolframalpha or even plans are includes :'(

  • sorry, this is off topic, but when is the iDB app coming out? 🙂

    • Sometimes in 2012. Maybe.

      • Anonymous

        I find it so weird that Apple uses Siri as probably the biggest selling point for the 4S and features it so prominently in its commercials but still has the beta moniker attached to it.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah it’s just an excuse for not been that good especially outside the US. How long can they call it beta for??

      • Gmail was in beta for 7 years so Apple could quite easily get away with keeping Siri in beta for much longer.

  • Dan

    call me RockGod… gotta remember that lol

  • Hatyrei

    Me:Show me the Money 😛
    Siri: Does it make you feel good just to say that?


  • What should I say to ask for a chord? Just like the guy in the ad did!

  • Lolol AT&T is not going to work out in the mountains!?!?! It doesn’t even work in my house!