Looking for yet another alternative to the stock App Switcher? I know, there’s no shortage of alternate app switchers, but there’s always room for one more, right?

Well, on second thought, maybe not. Simplexity is a recently released jailbreak tweak on Cydia that wholeheartedly lives up to its name. While it’s simple in some aspects, it can make what should otherwise be a no-brainer function overly complex…

Simplexity uses SwitcherLoader plugins along with a settings panel full of customization options to carve out its spot among App Switcher alternatives.

There’s tons of customization, from table UI elements, to backgrounds, to text colors, it’s all here.

In fact, the customization options are almost too much for the average person.

It’s not that it’s hard to setup or use, it’s just that it makes what is normally a simple affair (app switching) complex and well, dull. Couple that with a $2.99 price point, and it’s evident that the tweak isn’t for me.

What about you?

  • simples

  • Nice ….iDB logo in the status bar..

    • you can put any logo you want, nt that difficult

    • I was about to write about that, what program/settings did you used to make this logo Jeff?
      you are using Zeppelin tweak, right? but how to make these logos? I want to make a cool MGS logo to put as the carrier logo

      • jose castro

        zepplin tweak makes my iphone 4 crash every time i have in installed any ideas guys?

      • Dan

        I stopped using it, it doesn’t work with Siri either

      • Anonymous

        Check compatibilty with any other “status bar related” tweaks you may have installed. Idk…i dont use Zeppin.

  • you forgot the “slide to quit” feature 😉

  • i downloaded this and every time i use the simplexity app switcher my iphone goes into safe mode some1 help pls

    • Anonymous

      It does the same for me, open switcher, 1 second later a respring into safe mode …does any testing of tweaks go on now before they try and fleece everybody with the 2.99 price tag !!

  • jose castro

    this is what i like to call UGLY

    • Anonymous

      Yeah.lol. I kind of agree…not a very pretty UI if ya ask me.lol

  • Anonymous

    $2.99? Yeah, we’ll see how THAT goes for you, dev.

    • Dan

      pirates ahoy!

      • Anonymous

        Damn right.

  • Anonymous

    I concur. Not customizable enough to be $2.99. My opinoin. The Dev should allow a trial for such a price. Does look like something that would be difficult to develop…..but then again, im no developer.lol.

  • I think this is a nice alternative for an app switcher. It is a bit pricier than I would have expected though.

    Are there other good app switchers out there?