Apple has confirmed that some people are experiencing compatibility issues when marrying a China Mobile SIM card and the new iPhone 4S. China Mobile itself has also confirmed that a potential issue has reared its ugly head.

The list of symptoms is varied but all follow a similar theme, with connectivity issues the main problem. Reports of users being unable to activate their handsets are rife, with others claiming to be unable to connect to the network completely.

Apple has reportedly already discovered the cause of the problem, and is hard at work on a fix… reports that there may be a temporary and manual fix that users can try right now, which includes changing the iPhone’s network settings and then upgrading to Apple’s 9A406 release of iOS. While this may get things moving at least temporarily, we have no way of knowing how long this fix will continue to work for.

The real question we have is whether Apple will roll out a separate fix for this particular issue for China Mobile users, or whether we will see iOS 5.1 make an appearance in the near future with this fix included.

News on iOS 5.1 has gone very quiet of late, and the steady stream of beta releases has also slowed to a crawl.


  • Still find it weird that apple hasnt done one single move so far to patch
    the current jailbreak away… I mean maybe that’s just Tim cook for you,
    and we ll get to keep our jailbreaks from now on, or apple is just waiting for
    the legality of jailbreaking to expire, and plans to forcefully update any jailbroken device
    OTA in case jailbreaking becomes illegal. Just playing with ideas here….

    • Anonymous

      thay cant make u upgrade OTA its ur choice

      • Anonymous

        yes, but the could release 5.1, stopping any new wannabe jailbreakers from doing so

      • You can’t update OTA if your jailbroken…

    • i believe in future, they could make it such that when you sync your phone, it would detect it and cant continue when phone is jailbroken…..

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