It’s been a good day for Cydia releases. Not long after RingerX VIP was released comes MyAssistant (formerly called MySiri). MyAssistant brings a gang of new customization options to Siri; everything from custom conversations to toggles, Activator events, and more.

MyAssistant is now available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99, which is fairly cheap considering all of the options. Be sure to read our full walkthrough of the tweak and give it a go.

  • Cannot see it on big boss repo atm πŸ™

  • If I purchase, does that mean I have to uninstall AssistantExtensions?

    • Tou Kale

      I have the same question. Will this create a conflict with AssistantExtensions?

      • @Tou I installed MyAssistant and kept AE,they both seem to be working fine so far.

      • Tou Kale


  • AnyOne know how to show what you said when talking to Siri with this tweak? After I installed it only shows here responds.

  • What does this give that assistantextentions doesn’t for free?

    • You can use activator type things. Like Turn on Personal Hotspot… Bout it. I removed it due to tons of bugs

  • I set up a couple of custom replies and when I ask Siri a question it doesn’t answer?

    For example I set it up for when I ask siri what the best baseball team is she replies the St.Louis Cardinals, but nothing happens?

    Am I doing something wrong?

    • See if this helps, make sure the the beginning of the phrase starts with a capital letter and don’t leave a space after the word. Also, I noticed that removing the “?” mark at the end of the phrase helps. Good luck.

      • do you think its worth it to have both AE and MA?

      • I’ve actually uninstalled MA now and I’m just running AE. MA seems like a potentially good tweak but right now it is to buggy. I’m going to wait for future updates to give it another go.

  • I also just noticed that when I ask siri to disable wifi she instead starts looking for a location. I think it’s interfering with assissantextensions

  • kushagra johri

    Its got lots of bugs. At times it does conflict with AssistantExtentions. Gives you only 10 options to open apps. It just keeps on looking for location. Custom Commands is a feature that works otherwise its just not worth it. Not impressed.

  • kushagra johri

    It also conflict’s with Hands Free Control

  • Aloha just bought this and it’s not working at all. I say turn wifi on ant it’s looking for hotspots nothing on this tweak works for me even rebooted wow

  • A little bit off topic but does anyone know if there is a tweek in the pipeline that allows you to change Siri’s voice. My phone is in UK English so I’m stuck with a male Siri. I would like to use the US Siri girl voice but she doesn’t understand a word unless I put on my fake Yankee accent.

    • I think those would be a little difficult and also since their kinda hard coded into the OS I doubt it.

    • not using your limey accent is your only option as of now

    • Anonymous

      Go to settings/general/Siri/language. You can change it there.

  • Seems like this tweak needs a lot of work. The use of activator features is nice but it doesn’t handle anything properly that requires a verbal response.

    • Could someone try making a call using Siri and having MA installed? I tried and Siri aknowledges my request but does complete the call. Weird. Oh well, I’ll just have to uninstall.

      • Yea it dose not make the call just says calling the person you told her too but dose not actually excicute the call. Geez refund thus tweak is worthless

      • She does the same thing to music. “Now playing …) and nothing happens.

      • Just uninstalled MA and reinstalled AE all is working fine now they need to fix all the bugs. Dose not even excicute basic commands. How did you get it too work Jeff I’m stumped it’s just not responding at all.

      • Ok I guess a fix was submitted to Cydia so it should fix the bugs.

  • stevetags

    Crashes, crashes crashes. I had AE installed. I then installed MA. About 5 minutes went by and my phone went black screen for about 3 minutes. I then got phone back up, and uninstalled AE, then about 5 minutes later, during a call, my phone goes black, and I can still hear the person, but I have no screen. I then uninstalled MA, and all is good. I think the app has huge potential, but it looks to me like it was rushed out to quick. Either way, I think it will be great when all the bugs are ironed out.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t install it if you don’t use Siri in English, it doesn’t work with other languages. I tried in French and it doesn’t recognize the commands.

  • Sorry but I’m not installing Activator for this. I’ll stick with AE as that shows more potential in the long run at the moment.

    Maybe if they gave the Activator side as an optional extra then I would download it but I really don’t want to install activator for a tweak like this.

    By looking at the comments, hopefully they will make it more stable in time too.

  • Just updated and now it just sends my phone into safe mode geez way too go for an update.

    • Rob

      same here !

  • jose castro

    every time i try to send a text messege with siri , it wont show the card with the text messege at all untill u send πŸ™

  • AssistantExtensions will be able to do the same for free (it just takes time) πŸ˜‰ because it’s much more robust…

  • AssistantExtensions will be able to do the same for free (it just takes time) πŸ˜‰ because it’s much more robust…

  • Srikanth Y

    this is the first time i have installed and it asked to configure the settings.. i have enabled the siri and when i tried launching the siri it still asking to configure under settings (proxy)… also when i am trying to go to settings it always takes me to the siri settings and i am not able to open normal… πŸ™ any help, please let me know….. i am not on 4S its just iPhone 4 ios 5.0.1 jail broken….

    I THINK IT DOESNT WORK WITH IPHONE4… do we have any working version of siri for iphone 4 ios 5.0.1????? i have already purchased this πŸ™

    • I have the russian port but it took some time to get it working, also the tweak doesnt seem to work it puts me into safe mode immediately

  • can anyone tell me if there is are if they are going to be able to do a location search for the UK as it seem to only look for business and locations in the US please help

  • what if i don’t have a credit card?????? :((((((

    • You can install cracked apps instead but its NOT recomended, you should always support the developer by purchuasing the tweaks/apps

  • is it for ios 4.3.3 or only for ios5 plz help

  • Each time I try to use the custom replies, it shows the text but Siri doesn’t say the custom reply. On myassistant 1.0.4 so apparently, this tweak is still not usable ATM