It’s a bit hard to explain without showing you, but have you ever wanted to get rid of the transparent icon effect that happens when you open the App Switcher or open a folder?

Apparently, some of you did; hence the creation of a jailbreak tweak entitled No Ghostly Icons. As it name implies, it easily rids your iDevice of the transparent icon effect.

To see exactly what we mean, take a look at our video walkthrough…

Available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free, No Ghostly Icons is a simple way to customize the look of App Switching and Folders.

Is this a tweak you’d be interested in trying?

  • I don’t see the point of this tweak you say you carn’t tap the icons and because you have just opened a folder you don’t want that app , you want what’s in the’s just one more tweak to run on mobile substrate…

    • Whats the point of a theme then? It’s just one more thing to customize ones device to their liking. This article just keeps everyone up do date with Cydia releases from the simple to complex.

      • If keeping the icons on the screen after a folder is opened that you can not use untill the folder is closed ….what’s the point of having icons on the screen…? It’s not a theme’s a battery drain for a tweak that does nothing… But if you want to use this tweak go ahead …I couldn’t give a shit..
        By the way not all tweaks get a mention on here..from the simple to the complex..

  • I agree, whats the point? Apple didn’t make very good use of that space, they should put something useful there like, idk, shortcuts to your most used apps or favorite contacts or something. Ive seen some tweaks that use this space but never been too impressed.

  • It’s jailbreak tweaks like this that make Steve Jobs roll in his grave.

    • Anonymous

      indeed!, and video like this aswel.

  • jose castro

    very worthless tweak who ever made it. but i guess if ur a insane TWEAKER <——( hahahahhaha i made a funny) its ok

  • hey Jeff do u know if there is a tweak for the phone app that when I dial a number it will show the name under the numbers as I am typing

  • Just a silly question but any one getting white icons???

    • sUn

      I do. A few cydia apps get white icons. A respring will restore them to normal.
      I had no idea what caused this.

  • Purpose is for Zephyr as the transparency animation feels delayed

  • Hey Jeff, are you okay you sound a little depressed?