Apple’s ongoing Education media event located at NYC’s Guggenheim Museum is all about learning, and facing the challenges in the field of education today.

Apple unveiled some slides that paint a pretty startling picture about the state of the United States’ educational system when compared to other places in the world, citing overflowing class sizes and lack of enough textbooks, among other dire problems.

With all of this in mind, Apple is trying to help — and it’s no surprise that the iPad is at the center of two initiatives — one of them is to reinvent textbooks. iBooks 2 is at the center of the reinvention process…

Features of iBooks 2

  • Books feature dramatic intro movies
  • Use multitouch gestures to peruse the books
  • Rich engaging features like 3D models
  • Interactivity
  • Authors have total freedom in terms of laying out text and graphics
  • Rotating in portrait mode retains traditional book layout
  • Index links in back of book
  • Interactive glossary
  • Quick jumping to specific page numbers
  • Highlighting, note taking and instant feedback
  • Integrates directly with iBookstore

“If you’re a freshman, you only have a 70% chance of graduating.”

“These teachers need help — we try to figure out what we can do at Apple to help.”

It looks like Apple is really serious about improving the education system in the United States, and eventually worldwide with iBooks 2. This looks extremely promising, and no doubt harkens back to Steve Jobs’ wishes of doing more for education through technology.

All of this is pretty impressive, don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    This can help to save trees too at the same time.

    • Anonymous

      It will also help put thousands out of work in the paper industry but I guess every technological advancement has its negatives aswell as its positives.

  • Is it out now?

  • the question is … will pod2g releases his A5 jailbreak after this apple event

    • Lee


    • Anonymous

      Hopefully days will not become months.

    • That is why I’m constantly checking the site from school. I was also hoping they would have some news on the new iPad at that convention.

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    I wonder how much time will it take Android to copy this idea (because this is the natural evolution, not just copying the goose of the golden eggs)

    • I guess android copied the pull down notification bar to!

      • Ignacio Irigoyen

        Nop, just the entire iOS, I guess Microsoft did not get the memo about natural evolution and created something new and different (What happens when you use money on R&D and do not piggy back on other ppl ideas….)

      • Anonymous

        Oh my god! Can we PLEASE stop with the “android copied iOS/iOS stole from android” bullshit?! I feel like I’m not on iDownloadBlog but on trolledbot!

      • Anonymous

        You were talking about Google but then you wrote Microsoft, maybe you’re getting all in a muddle, much like your facts regarding iOS and Android … I find it rather pathetic the constant Apple is better than Google yada yada yada, what you fail to comprehend is that almost everything you use in life is in some way copied, cars, hi-fi’s, tv’s etc etc are all the same but look slightly different yet there isn’t the constant petty squabbling that Apple fans seem to have on virtually every Apple related blog, there are even people sad enough to troll blogs purely to post their unwanted, pointless opinions on who’s best … the fact is they are all good, it’s choice ffs and what you want from it, not what is best !!!

    • Samsung, Google or any other big tech companies can be the next Apple TODAY…..copying or developing similiar ideas / products…..but Apple is about TOMORROW.

  • what about the iphone app ?? any updates ?

  • Kok Hean

    I can see this being used at schools for Science and Mathematics classes.

  • In this case, should we be expecting E-textbooks to cost more or less? I think less because this eliminates the process of manufacturing and putting together 1000 pages for 1 text book.

    We’ll also be going green with e-books.

  • yilmaz fard


    i have two simple questions

    1) if i jailbreak my iphone 5.0.1 will things like apps, contacts and etc get deleted off the PHONE?

    2) and what if i jailbreak my phone and ios 5.1 gets released, will i be able to upgrade without any trouble? i know that everything that is related to cydia and installous will get deleted but what about the other stuff? like contacts, appstore apps and music etc?

    i’d appriciate any answer, but please keep it simple and precise since i’m not so good in english..
    thanks! 🙂

    • 1) No, jailbreaking doesn’t delete anything unless you get the jailbreak by restoring to a custom firmware. However, always back-up in iTunes first.

      2) You can always restore to the latest firmware on your iOS device, but it will remove all of your content. At that point, you can restore from a backup on iTunes to get everything back on the way it was, but it’s recommended to start fresh and manually put them back on, and reconfigure.

      • yilmaz fard

        Thanks for you answer!!

        but should i use redsn0w to jailbreak unthed. ?

  • KewlDewd

    Could this help fix the problem of ridiculous textbook pricing at the college level? I imagine it would still be easy to overcharge for etextbooks if they wanted to.

  • Dude I wish i was still in High school 🙁