We just got the chance to go hands-on with one of the first textbooks to appear in Apple’s textbook section of the iBookstore, and we were very impressed by what we saw.

Besides the fact that the book downloads are very hefty in size, making for a pretty lengthy download time over Wi-Fi, the content is great for education. Kids in school are going to learn a lot, and best of all, they’re going to enjoy doing so.

Check inside for our hands-on demonstration of E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth — one of Apple’s flagship textbooks to demonstrate the power of textbooks on iPad…

There’s tons of content contained within the two chapters available currently.

The first two chapters feature a Welcome section and Introduction to Ecology. Again this is just the introductory example, as additional chapters will be added this spring, and in subsequent seasons until it is completed.

What do you think? Do you think this will improve the overall learning experience of today’s school age children?

  • Anonymous

    Kids will have new ways to interact with books.

  • I wish I had an iPad in middle school. 🙁

  • Samsung, Google, Sony, or any other big tech companies must be wondering how did Apple do that? “killing” and dominating another industry?…haha

  • That’s really neat. Too bad most of my textbooks at my university are specially destined for that particular class and it differs from the standard version of the textbook. Also I wonder how many elementary, middle, and high school teachers will still not allow iPads in classrooms because, hey, you can still play Angry Birds.

  • this would have been awesome to have at my school