Messages+ is the standalone SMS messaging tweak from Intelliborn, the same crew behind the amazing IntelliScreenX. In fact, Messages+ is actually a big part of IntelliScreenX — it was included along with IntelliScreenX free of charge.

Why would anyone buy Messages+ alone when you can get it with another great jailbreak app for $2.00 more? Let’s take a look…

There are two possible scenarios. First, for those who hate IntelliScreenX (I know, that’s crazy) but love the built-in messaging functionality, they can buy it separate for a $2.00 discount at $7.99, instead of IntelliScreenX’s $9.99 asking price.

The second scenario is this: you already own Messages+’ predecessor, Tlert. Intelliborn has generously decided to extend free upgrades to previous owners of that jailbreak tweak. So when you think about it, it’s really a great thing that Messages+ is available as a standalone package.

That right there is proof again that developers aren’t just out to pilfer your hard earned money as many may believe. It would have been easy for Intelliborn to justify making all users pay full price again, but they didn’t. Props to them for that.

Messages+ is no biteSMS when it comes to features, but for those who want simple quick reply and quick compose, you can’t go wrong; especially when it’s bundled in for free with IntelliScreenX.

What do you think?

  • Need help!!Hey I am getting error while installing this via cydia.

    • Why kind of error message? The easiest way to clear repo errors in cydia is power off your phone then turn it back on (note: it is not simply a respring

      • I got error code 13 but when I now open the message+ app from springboard it closes automatically

      • Anonymous

        Close cydia in your multi task area and the power off then on and restart cydia. See if that works.

  • Does the swipe up from the bottom work with IntelliscreenX? I cannot seem to get that to function.

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t for me. I use the default swipe down method. And for messaging I use the swipe time date bar left.

    • how to get the intelliscreenX? i m new here =(

  • Dan

    I prefer sms+. Or even better, get BiteSms, a lot more functions and does the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Bitesms is better featured but it crashes randomly to springboard when I use the quick compose sometimes. Other times when I gesture for quick compose it will show a completely blank bubble that I can’t get out of unless I try to power down my phone but then cancel it. I really like the drop down history tab where you can see the past conversations when trying to quick compose.

    • Dan

      pretty weird, never had that problem since the latest update

  • Anonymous

    Close cydia in your multi task area and the power off then on and restart cydia. See if that works.

    • i get this “Subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 133”
      and “sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)”

  • Hey I’d like to ask about the IntelliScreenX. After purchasing it and having it installed and all, if I somehow lose my jailbreak, I’ll lose the IntelliScreenX right? So does it mean that when I jailbreak again, I need to pay a second time to get it back?

    • No. You only pay once. You can redownload for free.

  • cruzcontrol1001

    Great maybe cocoa nuts can learn a thing or two from inteliborn and fix that piece of shit that he calls Celeste Bluetooth file sharing wasn’t worth the ten dollars I paid a year ago can’t wait for this on my iPhone 4s

  • People that use Lockinfo beta and dislike the speed of bitesms

  • If I purchase a jailbreak tweak and lose my jailbreak. Do I have to pay a second time to get the tweak back?

  • I can’t install it either. I used to have Tlert before iOS5 but thats gone now obviously. My errors are at the end of the installation. “Subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 133”
    and “sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)”

    • Hey same error with me too

  • Anonymous

    I use this… its great.

    When using activator for quick compose, I use swipe from bottom left to center of screen, I couldnt get it to work at first, but after a few days it works great.

  • Jas God

    biteSMS ftw.

  • biteSMS + IntelliScreen sucks…. 🙁

  • I like bitesms better personally.

    Jeff please do a review of the KO Gadget light Mod!

    Ps your videos are the shit son

  • ATTENTION: this app gives you problems with iMessage… my friend have it, and imessage messages are all messed up!