This week’s top videos feature an untethered jailbreak for the Apple TV, a guide for preserving your iOS 5 untethered jailbreak for life, some nifty tweaks to launch apps from the Lock screen, clear Lock screen notifications, and more.

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Jailbreaking Apple TV 4.4.4 Untethered

How to Launch Apps Directly From the Lock screen

Customize Your Phone App With StartDial

Preserve Your iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak

Clear Your Lock screen Notifications More Easily

  • The Seas0nspass jailbreak is super easy, but unlike older versions of Seas0nspass this one does not install NITO TV or anything so your JB tv looks like a stock tv until you install other apps/plugins. Luckily to install XBMC its just copy and paste into Terminal and your done. Then a great plugin for XBMC is ICEFILMS its a must have over 75,000 movies and tv shows for FREE!

    • I’m new to Apple TV, so if I’m buying ATV, then jailbreaking it, then installing XBMC plugin ICEFILMS I will just go there, pick any movie which I want and watch it?
      Do it have 1080p/720p quality?

      Thank you!

      EDIT: Btw, If I’m buying ATV straight today from Apple Store, do it will have OS 4.4.4? There’s any new ones?