The revolution has begun, and this time it will be televised. Well, more streamed than anything, but why let accuracy get in the way of a good opening line?

Netflix today launched its video on-demand service in the United Kingdom, which in turn means that Brits can now watch movies and TV shows via the service on their iPads, iPhones, iPod touches and Apple TVs, along with the myriad other solutions that US users have been enjoying for years.

UK customers can receive a free trial for one month, and then they are expected to stump up £5.99 ($9.30) per month after that, which compares favorably with the $9.99 fee for Americans…

Available content is neither woeful, not exceptional, and those already paying for streaming services from the likes of LoveFilm or subscribed to Sky TV or similar will not be cutting the cable just yet. Still, any competition is good competition, and here’s to hoping Netflix adds more recent content over time.

The iOS apps work fine, and can be downloaded from the App Store. The Apple TV app also works with a UK account, meaning users can enjoy their content on the big screen using Apple’s little black box.

Have you subscribed yet? Let us know how you find the content, and just as importantly, the image quality. After watching 30 minutes of Equilibrium streamed to an Apple TV, we were quite impressed.

  • We got it today on both iPads, iPhone and apple tv. Kids can now surf the tv for their shows and give us some peace and quiet (relatively) whilst we watch something else on the pads or online.

    Not a great selection, but enough to keep us happy for the one month trial and cheaper than the BT Vision package we have, so will scrap BT Vision extras for Netflix.

    We also have lovefilm, but generally just use that for games.

    Apps work fine on all iOS devices too and good interface.

  • Anonymous

    It’s 7.99 a month for streaming in the US