Antonio De Rosa has come up with yet another awesome iPhone concept, a handset he called the iPhone SJ because it was inspired by the late Steve Jobs.

Shown off in all its glory at De Rosa’s ADR Studio website, the concept takes the existing iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S body and reinvents it, creating a gorgeous concept that even Jony Ive himself would be pleased to call his own.

While the specs are not the biggest thing here, De Rosa speculates that the concept could come packed with a dual-core A6 chip and a 10 megapixel camera. That’s probably not too far from what we would expect Apple to put inside the iPhone 5…

The biggest feature of this concept has to be the full glass front panel which would pack a capacitive screen edge-to-edge. Built atop a lightweight polycarbonate body, that screen looks absolutely gorgeous in the renders and just makes us wish it was a real iPhone even more!

Apple is expected to bring the iPhone 5 to market later this year, possibly as late as October, should the company wish to stick to its new release cadence. After the iPhone 4S’s lack of a redesigned chassis, all bets are off as to what Apple has planned this time around.

Just a word of warning Apple: if the next iPhone does not look just like this concept, we’re all going to be very, very disappointed!

  • so NICE! i can only hope this is what we can expect, or maybe one like this with an aluminum rear?..either way it would be beautiful lol

    • an aluminum rear would look weird imo keep that for there computers.

      • How about If the aluminum was black :O, a glossy black

  • Anonymous

    That design looks amazing!!!

  • Looks GORGEOUS! (But where can I get that background?) lol

  • Anonymous

    I believe you meant to say *Sir* Jony Ive. 😉

  • looks really amazing…

  • It’s to big for that tiny speaker

  • That is just gorgeous 😀

  • I bet if apple brings a design like this, they that will be most sold iPhone in the history ever! 🙂

  • I like it, I like it alot

  • amazing!!!

  • I have a feeling iPhone 5 may actually look like this because SJ was actually working on it until he passed on.

  • next is SSJ (super steve jobs) then SSSJ (super saiyan steve jobs) SSSJ4 SSSJ5…….

  • Simon Reidy

    Coming next year, the Steve Wozniak inspired phone! (three times as chunky, but technically brilliant 😉 )

  • I feel like if anything, the next release will be called “iPhone 6” rather than 5, as the 4S was the 5th generation release

    • Anonymous

      Then they would have already called the iPhone 4S – iPhone 5.

      • No, the 4 in iPhone 4 represents the generation. There will never be a device called the iPhone 5 because the 4S IS the 5

  • Anonymous


  • love the little apple logo on the front

  • an apple logo in the front is not needed 😛


  • Anyone with experience in photo editing? This phone seems quite real…

  • Anonymous

    Apple may steal this design but oh well, who cares as long as there is a newly redesigned iPhone 5.

  • It’s a “Steve Jobs” inspired iPhone because it’s much thinner than what we were used to with iPhones (as was SJ when he got closer to dying). It’s basicly what the iPhone would look like after a few years of cancer and a liver transplant. Am I the only one creeped out by that design with SJ’s name on it? Also… why not make a bigger screen for a change? With a tiny screen like that it the device should be shorter…

    • Sounds like you should work for Samsung dude

      • Well I have an iPod touch 4g and I only have it ’cause I got it for free. I would never buy an iDevice because they’re bloody retarded. Samsung doesn’t need me… they already respect their users whereas apple never has and never will. They don’t even respect the software developers nor the IT industry. Apple always has been and always will be overpriced crap.

  • a bit redundant isn’t it? a STEVE JOBS inspired iPhone SJ(steve jobs) 🙂

  • Erik van Nieuwburg

    I thought it was a Hackintoshed Samsung Galaxy S2 at 1st glance…. lol!?!

  • Mac Crabtree

    That would be the ugliest iPhone ever… The bigger screen is ugly, although it would be nice to have a bigger screen but then the phone it’s self should be bigger, or the board is to thin and it is ugly, something i hope apple will never do.

  • I don’t like it