For the last couple of days, we’ve been talking about how a couple of hackers, including Steven Troughton-Smith, have been working on bringing iOS applications to a jailbroken Apple TV near you.

While they appeared to have a few issues at first, things have been looking up for the group that was able to run apps in fullscreen 720p resolution. It gets even better, as shown in this video by Troughton-Smith…

In this vide0, you can see an Apple TV app launcher, the equivalent of your iPhone SpringBoard, where you can select applications to launch.

In the two days that this hack has been revealed, Toughton-Smith and fellow hacker TheMudKip have come a long way. I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the next few days.

You can stay up to date with everything Apple TV by following our dedicated Apple TV page. In the meantime, get your hack on by jailbreaking your Apple TV!

[Thanks, Luca5lser!]

  • Interesting to hear something about Apple TV. It seems like that product is useless, because you don’t hear much about jailbreaks for it.

    • Totally untrue about the product being useless, it a cheap, small form factor HTPC with XBMC Installed (it could be the cheapest form factor to install XBMC on) and gaining popularity in the HTPC scene.

      Granted its not as popular as all other iDevices out there

  • It looks cool and all, just don’t know how practical it would be. I guess its cool for the people who aren’t able to buy an iDevice, but I can get all of this by Mirroring my iPad 2?

    The Jailbreak tweaks for Apple TV seem more gimmicky then anything, nothing that I would want to mess around using. I would really like a tweak that lets me Airplay whatever is on my screen to the Apple TV, so I can watch things like the NBA (we don’t get the streaming option here in Australia, so I need to use the MAC) that to me would be a lot more useful.

    • I believe you can do that with AirVideoEnabler.

      • That’s awesome for the iPad, though I would love a way to do it for the MAC.

      • You can play just about anything through XBMC on a jailbroken Apple TV.

    • I kind of agree with you Phil because I was thinking the same thing, but it would free you up from having to mirror with your iPad 2 or iPhone 4s. Because while mirroring (streaming video particulary) you can’t really use the device for anything else.

  • This is awesome, just bought a atv2 and ready to jailbreak. Look forward to seeing how Siri will work on atv2.

  • how are you supposed to play apps with touch and gyroscope on a tv?