If there is one thing that is guaranteed every year, it’s that MacRumors will get its hands on some photos of what appear to be parts from a new iPhone or iPad. This year is proving to be no different, with the latest part to show up supposedly being an iPad 3 screen, complete with Retina display pixel density.

Unfortunately, the screen is not attached to anything, and thus not functioning, which is a shame.

While the screen was not powered up, that does not mean there isn’t at least one portion of the photo that should get the pulse racing – the screen pictured possess three, count ’em, three ribbon cables. Exciting…

All skepticism aside, the ribbon cables could prove to be telling. See, the iPad 2’s screen sports just the two cables, but the photographed iPad 3 screen has one more. Notice the difference between the supposed iPad 3 screen at the top, and the current iPad 2 part at the bottom.

Given the expected 2048×1536 resolution of the new tablet, an extra cable to help carry all that data is not beyond the realms of our imagination. In fact, the more we think about it, the more it makes sense.

We are still firmly encamped in rumor territory right now, and this photo will not be the last to surface before Apple’s next announcement. The possibility of a Retina display is the biggest change Apple could make to the next-generation iPad, along with adding improved cameras to bring it up to spec with the iPhone 4S.

Would a Retina display be enough to get you to upgrade to an iPad 3, or will you be looking for something a little more exciting from the boffins in Cupertino?

  • Maybe it’s a Samsung tablet display.

  • I won’t buy the iPad 3 unless it has a retina display, Siri, massively improved cameras, new processor, at least 1GB of ram, and an unchanged price point.

    • sorry but, are you fucking crazy? you will never buy an iPad dude.

    • Simon Reidy

      That’s exactly what I want to see in the iPad3 as well. And it’s entirely reasonable to predict that most of these things will be present in Apple’s next iPad.

      If Apple’s next quad core CPU/PowerVR graphics chip can push that many pixels, then it will unbeatable. I imagine it wold have to fall back to scaled 1024×768 for games though as there’s no way something like Infinity Blade II could run well at such insanely high resolutions.

      Hopefully Apple will be first to market with a retina display tablet, which will then hopefully be the catalyst for monitor manufacturers to stop pushing 1080p panels (my old CRT monitor could do 1920×1080 more than 10 years ago) and start to release a new range of high pixel density displays. Imagine how good Windows 8 and Mac OS would look at 3840×2160 on a 24″ monitor! Top end graphics cards could surely manage that kind of fill rate in an OS now..

      So I await the “pixel density revolution” with open arms. After seeing the iPhone 4’s retina display for the first time, I’ve wanted every other display to match it’s sharpness and detail. Two years later, and it’s still up there with the best phone displays on the market. It’s a logical conclusion that tablets will be the next devices to benefit from doubled resolution, to give them a dpi similar to print, with amazing detail and sharpness.

  • I bought the iPad1 and iPad 2. I will not be buying the iPad 3 unless it’s MUCH easier to jailbreak than the current iPad2. Period.

    • if u looking for easier jailbroken idevice, then just go older idevice like ipad 1 or iphone 4 and below. ipad 2&3 and iphone 4s not suit u.

    • Yeah man, if the ipad 2 it’s not easy to jailbreak it, well.. sorry but the iPad 3 will be more harder than the ipad 2… just saying..

      • Exactly…which is why I said I’m not going to be getting it.

  • off: Have anyone problems with the ‘video’ app? I can’t wathc my videos :l