The location-based aspect of the Reminders app is convenient but limited. As of now, all you can really do is setup reminders based on your current location or the contents of your Contacts app.

With MapReminders, you can peruse an entire map to setup reminders for certain locations easily. Check out our video walkthrough of this upcoming jailbreak tweak

As you can see, MapReminders makes it very simple to visually setup the location for a reminder. It’s a great improvement over the stock Reminders app, and I’d like to see it continue to be fleshed out.

One cool thing I could see for the future are point-of-interest-based reminders. That way, when you get close to a Starbucks, the app tells you it’s time to stop for coffee.

MapReminders should be available soon on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. You must have an jailbroken iOS device running iOS 5 that is compatible with location-based reminders, like an iPhone 4.

What do you think about MapReminders? Pretty cool, huh?

  • Siv

    Pretty cool indeed. I can see this being helpful in a number of scenarios. I just don’t see why Apple didn’t implement this in the first place.

    The scorecard as it stands:

    Jailbreak Community – 17744
    Apple – 4 (one for every iPhone, excluding the 4S :p)

  • Anonymous

    Is there a way to remove the “slide to read” lockscreen text??? I am using an invisible tap to unlock these for IOS 5, but when I receieve an email or something I always see “slide to read” jumbled up and it looks bad. Does anyone know how to remove those words? I have tried messing within the springboards.plst files but nothing has worked. Thanks in advance.

  • Try the ‘location alarm’ app from the app store. It does the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    What is the difference between this app and: Location Alarm, GPS Alarm Clock, Locationizer and several others that use the iPhone GPS to remind you of something. I don’t see the point of making an app like this one for the jailbreaking community, when you have plenty of options in the App Store. This app is like making a new flashlight app in Cydia.

    • Its built into the stock reminders app. That’s what makes it different. Most things in stock apps feel more polished than some simple UI from a cheap app.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, really!; so the advantage of this app is just a cosmetic one. Not interested, I can live with 2 or 3 sec. of an unpolished and simple UI.

      • Location alarm only tells you when your at some place, not what you have to remember when you get there.

    • Matt Martindale

      Locationizer is better because you can use 3 input methods to create Location Based Reminders:
      1 – Drop a circle of any size on any location on the map.
      2 – Add from your contact’s address
      3 – Search for an address.

      Not only does Locationizer give you these features, you can also view all these locations on a single list and sort them by their distance away from you. You can’t do all those things with any other Location Based Reminders app-

  • This is extremely cool – and it’s what Reminders should have been to start with. Will definitely be buying this as soon as its released! It’s also cool because it’s built into the Reminders App so you don’t have another app clogging up your screen…

  • Anonymous

    why iphone 4 and higher only ???

    • Because of the gps that doesn’t rely on Internet connection.

    • Anonymous

      because during beta testing of location remiders it was found that the hardware of older devices, ie the lack of region-based geofencing, was not reliable enough to consistantly trigger a location alarm so it was removed from the release of iOS for those devices. put simply, there’s no point having a feature you can’t rely on.

      • Anonymous


  • It’s in the Cydia store now – and bought & paid for and running on my iPhone. Love it. This today, Zephyr yesterday…Great couple of days!

  • This can be brilliant. I believed when ios5 was being built up before its release that this is how the reminders location function would work and was disappointed to find the limitations it came with. Big thanks to the Dev for this one.

  • Anonymous

    considering GPS isnt pin point accurate the chances of the device locating exactly on your pin placement when you arrive there and notifying you makes the last line of the review answer the question… pretty cool? no.

    • Good point Appletiser, but…The amount of times I’ve gone home from work in the afternoon and had the wife say, “Did you go to town during lunch?” and I’m like, “Yep, sure did.” “And did you get so & so?”…”Uhhhh, no? Did you tell me to? Dammit, I walked right past the door as well!” MapReminders should prove invaluable to score a few points 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Lol well i guess if you’ve multiple reasons to be at a certain place this could prove both invaluable and marriage saving 😀

  • I wish there was an option to change the radius in which a reminder would be triggered. Sometimes they don’t go off and I think it’s because I’m not within the specified radius, if I could make the radius bigger I think it would work better.

    • Anonymous

      i had thought about this earlier because as we all know GPS isn’t pin-point accurate and there’s been a few times when navigating to a particular place that my destination hasn’t lined up with the pin i placed to get me there. so is there a tolerance built in to the device to trigger the alarm if you don’t hit the placed location pin?

      • That was my immediate question when watching the video for the first time just now. If there’s no way to control the radius of the location, it would only be helpful sometimes. Relying on something like that could do more harm than good!

  • Location alarm only tells you when your at some place, not what you have to remember when you get there.

    • Anonymous

      OK good for you. I don’t suffer from amnesia, so I can live without this crap.

  • is it working on iPod? over wi-fi of course

  • purchased it, but didn’t work on ipad 2 + 3g as promised… nothing happens