Apple’s iPod nano replacement program is in full swing now, with the company replacing original iPod nanos due to a potential fire risk from overheating. Up to this point, Apple has been replacing the iPods with same-generation models, with new versions of old iPod nanos being shipped out to the customers that are taking advantage of the program.

Now it seems that Apple may have begun to offer new, recent-generation models of the iPod nano in exchange for the faulty first-generation units, if reports on the MacRumors forums are to be believed.

At least one user has reported that a new, 6th-generation iPod nano has arrived in replacement of the old model, and after checking the serial number for AppleCare he was informed that it has expired. This, we suspect, points to the devices being refurbished models.

Still, refurb or not, nobody is going to turn down a free, current-generation iPod nano, are they?

We can only assume that Apple has finally run out of first-generation units, and is now fulfilling replacement orders with whatever it has on hand. If you have just received a first-generation model, don’t be too disappointed – everyone knows they were the best looking iPod nanos to date!

Have you received a replacement iPod nano recently?

  • OMG I hope this is true! I just dropped off my 1st gen Nano at UPS. Surprisingly, Apple mislabeled the return shipping waybill with FEDEX on it.

  • Jeff Miller

    I just got mine back and it is an 8G current generation Nano. Not a bad upgrade from my 6 year old Nano. Thanks Apple!

  • Thomas Gehman

    How do I do it? I have a 3rd gen iPod Nano.

  • yea, I would like to know how to do it too…

  • Apple sent out emails a few weeks back announcing a recall of 1st gen IPod Nanos. If your 1st gen Nano’s serial is not on the recall list you cannot do it.

  • Got my replacement today. looks to be a refurbed current gen 8gb. Happy about that even though I still think no buttons is a really really stupid design choice. I will be sticking with my 3rd gen nano when I am out and about on foot.

  • Anonymous

    Cool, sadly i dont have an iPod nano.