The concept of Flashy Status is a good one: make it more evident when your flash might fire when snapping a photo with your iPhone’s camera.

It accomplishes this by illuminating the ‘On’ button on the Camera app’s flash settings with green. You can either make it a solid green, or a more visible flashing green.

And while I suppose this is nice to have, there’s one key feature missing from this tweak that keeps it from being really useful…

The problem with Flashy Status is that it lacks an indicator for auto flash mode. You see, when your flash is on, you know it’s going to fire when you take a picture.

When the flash is set to auto, there’s a chance that it might fire, and there’s a chance that it might not. That’s the area where I think Flashy Status would be more useful. If it could indicate to us when the flash will fire in auto mode, it would be infinitely more useful.

There are a couple of more options included with Flashy Status that could make the $0.99 asking price worth it for you. There’s a setting to set the default flash behavior, and a setting to disable auto flash mode outright.

While Flashy Status has some opportunities for improvement, you may deem it useful if you take a lot of photos with the iPhone’s camera app.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

  • I know where it is but you should say..CYDIA ..someone will say I can not find it in the app store

  • Totally agree with you with the auto flash feature. I though that was what the tweak was for.. before I bought it..!

  • Anonymous

    I think another great thing that could be added to this is to color the Picture or Video setting. I hate it when I want to take a picture, and it is stuck on Video mode…

  • asdfasdfhrrh

    Commenting on a 4 year old blog post with some important information:

    Flashy status (at least on an iPhone5 running jailbroken iOS 6.0) causes pictures to fail to be sent to other iOS devices with iMessages (sending to android as SMS is fine).
    Doesn’t matter what version of iOS the recipient is, any sort of picture message just doesn’t go through, sometimes you’ll get a ‘not delivered’, other times ‘delivered’, sometimes even ‘delivered’ with the error symbol simultaneously – but the recipient never gets the picture.

    So beware if you’re on iOS 6 not to install flashy status v2.12 – I took hours to delete tweaks, reboot until I found the culprit. (I also reinstalled to confirm that this was the misbehaving tweak).