We’ve shown you a number of Kickstarter projects on iDB as of late, including the CASELLET case + wallet for the iPhone. We interviewed the maker of the CASELLET and told you how to pledge to receive your own iPhone wallet when it comes off the production line.

This time around, the iLLDmk-1 is calling itself the “world’s thinnest iPhone wallet.” The slim, polycarbonate case can hold your credit cards, cash, and even a key. It also serves as an iPhone case and kickstand.

The iLLDmk-1 is well on its way to meeting its $10,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, with over $8,000 pledged already. The creators have a website for their product that showcases its design and recent developments.

The iLLDmk-1 is 7mm thin and it weights only 30g. This is definitely the most compact, sleek iPhone + wallet combos we’ve come across. The wallet itself has a main bay that’s designed to hold 3 cards and a money clip for holding cash. The top bay holds a key, a SD memory card, or a secondary SIM card.

The iLLDmk-1 is obviously intended for those that don’t like to carry much in their wallets, as only the essentials can be stored in the actual wallet. As a plus, this means that the iLLDmk-1 is super compact and can easily slip into your pocket. The obvious negative is that you can’t store more than what the wallet’s small dimensions allow.

An iPhone sits on the other side of the iLLDmk-1 facing away from the hinged door. The backing can double as a makeshift kickstand for your iPhone on the go. While the actual case part of the iLLDmk-1 seems to be very barebones, minimalists should find the setup to be satisfactory.

When the iLLDmk-1 goes on sale it will be available in black and white. The design accommodates the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The product will retail for $39.95, but ordering now on Kickstarter guarantees you one for $30. As an added bonus, the creators of the iLLDmk-1 are throwing in a 1GB “world’s thinnest” USB stick to Kickstarter supporters.

What do you think of the iLLDmk-1? Will you be ordering one?

  • NO NEED !

  • NO NEED!

  • Anonymous

    Somebody likes Kickstarter. 😀

  • Lame. I don’t like the way the money bills go in, and not practical if you have a wad of ones.

    • Walcy Carroll

      why would you have a wad of ones? strip club..lol i see your point .. but this is not to replace a huge stuffed wallet with 10 cards and tons of bills it’s a lite travel option 2-3 cards, few bills and life is good. there are several apps to make digital cards to be scanned when you checkout, i did this for example using a app with a store like food lion, or hair cuttery they just scan my phone no need to carry around a heavy wallet.

  • Anonymous

    I stay with my bookbok… is way better.

    • Walcy Carroll

      i use bookbook, and it is nice but why is there no camera hole, it becomes a nag to slide it out to take a photo, one of the iphone’s nicest features, so seeing something like this is a plus.

      • I just looked at Bookbook and I don’t get how that’s comfortable to hold a book to your ear while you are talking on the phone.

  • Hi Alex, their product is iLID not iLLD !! just thought i’d give you the heads up, i love their design!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll stick with my Speck CandyShell Card case. Holds 3 cards. My ID, 2 credit cards, and a couple Metro subway cards! Exactly the same thinkness as the Otterbox. Way smaller than this!