For those of you who are in the market for a new smartphone, or recently bought one and want to know how yours stacks up against the competition, you’ll be happy to hear that the folks over at AnandTech have done some research that you might find useful.

They’ve performed a series of benchmarks with all of the latest smartphones, including the new Google Galaxy Nexus, to see which handset is the fastest of them all. The tests include JavaScript loading, GPU loading, and browser speed. And the results may surprise you…

The latest flagship Android handset, Google Nexus, running the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, came out on top in the BrowserMark browser speed test. The iPhone 4S came in just behind it, beating out the Galaxy S II and the new Motorola RAZR.

Google’s Galaxy Nexus also came out on top in the JavaScript loading test, topping the RAZR and the iPhone 4S in that order. Keep in mind that both JavaScript loading and browser speed frequently come into play during day-to-day usage.

But Google’s device didn’t completely walk away with the contest. The phone came in behind both the iPhone 4S and the 6 month old Samsung Galaxy S II in the GPU loading test. As you may know, GPU speed is a key metric in terms of gaming ability.

Even though Apple took a lot of criticism over its latest handset, the device still out-performs most of the competition. In fact, it came in second place overall in AnandTech’s benchmark tests behind the Google Galaxy Nexus, which hasn’t even been released in the US yet.

  • No mention of the quality of the apps, though. The iOS platform comes out on top.

  • The iOS is awesome when jail broken :p

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting to note how the 3GS performs better on iOS 5 than on iOS 4… I also noticed this myself, how snappy the 3GS is on iOS 5 compared to iOS 4. And now I had to downgrade to 4.3.3 because of no compatible ultrasn0w for iOS 5.0.1 and it feels slower!

    This is the greatness of Apple, they make a new OS with lots of new features run smoother than the older one! 🙂 FTW

    • Anonymous

      What about the iPhone 3G on iOS 4?

    • Yep, no support. 3G is old news now that 3GS is on sale for $0.99

    • My 3GS improved on iOS 5, at first then after a while it started getting really laggy at times and would freeze and close apps on its own. Still needs work

  • Remember iphone is 5 years ahead of any phone in the market. They are catching up.

  • No matter how many times I switch to a android I always switch back to iPhone
    iOS rocks

  • Pls add galaxy note too….

    • God granted us 10 natural stylus, i wonder why those peoples want to invent a stylus smartphone

      • So they could actually write & doodle with it accurately. A technology is nothing if the user doesn’t even know the advantage each tech, Im an Iphone and Android user, I have my old X10 and the Iphone4s, but I can’t ditch my X10 yet. It Still manage to do things that I want it to do that my Iphone4s can’t, Im just trying out the 4s so I could see if it really that great.

  • iOS 5.0.2 they will make iPhone 4s faster with better battery these bench marks don’t ever last long the sad part is iPhone 4s is under clocked at half the speed of these handsets and it still keeps and passes them goes to show you that integration of hardware and software always prevails

    • how is it underclocked at half the speed of theses other phones. at most, its a 400 mhz difference. Its ios5 that makes the phone so much better. also, i cant wait for ics (android 4.0) to be ported to the gs2 for att, or tmobile, that phone would be faster than the new galaxy nexus. 4.0 is a HUGE improvement for android.

      • Fu*k Android. Nuff said. I love my iPhone 4s and its not just iOS 5 that makes it snappy, cuz my iPhone 4 was on the same 5.0 Firmware and is nowhere near as fast as my iPhone 4S. Apple FTW!

      • ok, that would be a dual core vs single core. of course its gonna be faster.

      • Anonymous

        Wow. You silly fanboy. It’s guys like you that make the rest of us look bad.

      • Fuck you too bitch!

      • Fuck you too bitch!

      • Fuck you too bitch!

      • ESJ

        U apple fanboy must be bored to death.

      • its actually clocked at 800 mhz so it is at half the speed look it up.

  • Painman

    My goodness, I love these comparison articles. They bring out the best in human nature. When will you realise that we need competition to keep the improvements coming?

    I think it’s a little disingenuous of Cody to insinuate that the 4s is best because the Nexus isn’t available in the US, we don’t all reside on that side of the pond.

  • At the end of the day you choose your toy because you like it , you like the way it looks end of …you would not pick a device that look shit but is a bit faster than the good looking pick your toy and live with it..I for one like the whole package of what the iPhone gives from the size of screen to the speed off the device . I don’t like many Andriod phones but if and when my next upgrade comes who knows.. maybe..

  • Anonymous

    So what if the other phone is slightly faster
    Faster dose not mean Better and the sooner people realize the iPhone is more than just a phone the better
    Yes I know the other phones can do what the iPhone dose blah blah blah
    But the iPhone floats my boat and I haven’t seen an nandroid yet to change my mind
    Viva iPhone 🙂

  • The iPhone picture looks kinda weird…

  • Anonymous

    My friend just got his first smartphone, and it was an android… I told him that was crap, but he wanted LTE, and couldn’t wait for next year….so far he has been complaining how difficult it is to do things, he has the top of the line HTC rezound, and really is feeling what it is to have so many options, tech and not know what to do with it or how o use it…went to Verizon to get some help in using the headset, they told him to look up the manual online hahahaha….

    There is a reason people who actually own an iPhone, love them….those who complaint about them either never owned one, or just to damn nerdy and need the power of android, but for regular folks, apple makes sense and is great at helping people use their phones…

  • Um, where is the Samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket? everyone likes to forget about that little phone in their tests. 80000 range consistently on browser mark on ginger bread software. Probably be the best on ice cream sandwich software. I’m not a phandroid but facts are facts i’m not biased either way. The skyrocket is a great phone that belongs in the debate.

  • Sonia Webb

    That is NOT a real iPhone 4S box. The iPhone 4S box is all white and the iPhone 4 box has the black top like the pic above. The S in 4S was in a silver square not a capital S right next to the 4. Everyone go look at your boxes, it didn’t take a second to realize that that is not the correct box. I have both boxes to compare.