While Apple’s long-running legal battle with Samsung has been consistently receiving the headlines, Tim Cook’s band of highly paid lawyers are also going after another one of the tech industry’s big boys, Amazon. Since the beginning of the battle back in March, Apple has been suing the retailer/tablet-maker over its use of the phrase “App Store.”

Apple has now revised that lawsuit, claiming that Amazon has altered the way it uses the phrase, removing “for Android” from the end of the company’s description of the app store implemented in its new tablet, the Kindle Fire.

Simply calling its store the “Amazon Appstore,” Amazon is risking the wrath of Apple’s lawyers again…

In the revised complain, Apple points an accusing finger squarely at Amazon’s latest advertising campaign, which surrounds this week’s release of the new 7-inch iPad competitor, the Kindle Fire.

“When Amazon announced in late September 2011 that it would introduce a new hardware product named the Kindle Fire (the ‘Fire’), Amazon promoted the Fire’s ability to use Amazon’s mobile software download service but omitted the ‘for Android’ phrase when using the APPSTORE mark.”

Amazon has already changed the offending text on the Kindle Fire’s web page, but that’s probably not going to stop Apple from releasing the hounds of war!

Apple’s application for a trademark on the phrase “App Store” is currently pending, with Microsoft in opposition. Amazon and Google are obviously not too keen on the idea, either.

Does Apple deserve to own the term “App Store?”


  • I think Apple should own ‘AppStore” because they were the first ones to implement it into their device. Once the others saw that it became popular the tried to jack them. Microsoft can’t be complaining because the Have “Windows”.

  • I dont think they should, its such a simple phrase that anyone should be able to use. Why doesnt apple change the name to be more personal for iDevices kinda like the iMac store is called “Mac App Store”

  • Dan

    that’s just retarded

  • Anonymous

    For apple – app store
    For blackberry – app world
    For amazon – app universe
    simple and easy, they shouldn’t bite each other

    • Actually thats a pretty neat idea you should market that !

  • If you’re a store which sells apps you should be able to call yourself an app store. That’s like saying a grocery store can’t call itself a grocery store or a liquor store can’t call itself a liquor store. If they had invented the term “app” I might understand but they didn’t.

    • Joey Segalla

      In a way they did though. It was added to the dictionary AFTER Apple had created the App Store. It was used so much that it was added to the dictionary….

  • I believe apple should not earn the term app store because in general every device have it in one way or another. Take Microsoft for example, if I’m not wrong they started using windows for their computer (folders, browsers, etc..) and now every other computer OS (OS X, Ubuntu, Chromium) all uses these windows. This kind of things are general and should not be trade marked. Of it were, the 1st company who invented the mobile phone can sue apple for using the term phone in the iPhone. I believe that it’s pole shouldn’t trademark AppStore but rather state their company’s name (eg. Apple’s AppStore, Android’s AppStore)
    Like if you agree.

  • md jamil abdul karim

    And for Windows…

    Windows Shopping Store

    I’m going to ask for money from Mr. Bill Gates if he uses this tagline.