Apple designed its tablet to be a portable device. It even shaved inches (and weight) off of the original iPad to make its second generation tablet more mobile. But still, at nearly one and a half pounds, with a 10 inch display, how portable can it really be?

The results from a recent survey by McKinsey and Company suggests that there aren’t many folks using their iPads on the go. In fact, the living room was found to be the number one place that people pull out the iPad…

According to the report, McKinsey surveyed over 15,000 consumers across 15 countries as part of its “iConsumer” profile project. The firm presented its findings yesterday morning at Forbes’ Techonomy conference.

Here’s GigaOM on the results:

“Of the iPad owners McKinsey surveyed, it found that 62 percent never take their iPad outside their house. In other words, it’s being used as just another home computer, like a replacement laptop for tasks such as watching video or browsing the web. While the iPad is “finding its way into places in the home we didn’t have computing in the past,” the living room is where people use their iPad: 70 percent of usage takes place there.”

Are the results really all that surprising? Who wants to lug a 10″ tablet around town when they can perform many of the same tasks on their iPhone? It would be interesting to see similar data for smaller tablets, like the newly-released Kindle Fire.

Where do you use your iPad?


  • This is true. I’ve had my iPad 2 since March, and it’s only left my house once to go to Starbucks when I was having problems with my home Internet.

  • Bathroom lmao!!

  • my guess is that not many people want to take it out cause there is a risk of some idiot stealing it.

    • completely agree with you!

    • Agreed. I don’t think the 10″ screen is the issue here.

    • I think you have to be willing to carry a bag to put it in. If you’re a no-bag person, you’re not going to take anything with you when you go out. My husband, for instance, doesn’t take a checkbook or even more than one or two credit cards. But I can’t imagine being without my iPad. And since I carry a bag anyway, no idiot knows I have it until I take it out. And then I’m using it. When I’m done, it’s back in the bag, and the places I go are full of richer targets than my first-generation iPad.

  • This could be the reason why Apple is looking into making a smaller tablet. It could be a very profitable thing for them to do if it is mobility people are looking for.

  • Dan

    when my case gets here, I plan on using it outside. ie: reading a mag in the subway etc.

  • Anonymous

    When I was in the Army there were a few Soldiers that would carry their iPad to work.

  • I carry mine with me all over the place, I use it for school, take it on trips, etc. and its a lot lighter than carrying my MBP around with me.

  • I take my iPad 2 everywhere as well. I’ve bought some cool cases for it and a book bag so I jus throw it in there. I love the screen on it which makes it hard to put it down lol.

  • Wifi only models are basicly bound to the house

  • Érico Gonçalves

    never go out with my ipad 2!!

  • i use it mostly at home and only when i travel. i dont bring it outside to malls or to work as i live in philippines i might get mugged when they see my ipad.

    • I think theft is a major issue. It’s a from $499 device that’s designed to be easy to carry.

  • Laptop replacement in the classroom (I’m a college teacher–keynote, numbers for grading, and attendance), and church

  • I don’t leave home without it – and I wouldn’t buy a bag that didn’t fit it. I don’t get this whole leave- the-‘Pad-home thing. It’s a fraction of the size and weight of my old MBP. Of course it’s going with me to meetings – or anywhere! (Especially anywhere I might have to wait for someone else, or for an appointment.)