IntelliScreenX, the highly anticipated iOS 5 jailbreak app, is coming right along in its development, and the latest build features some exciting new features.

To capitalize on Apple’s lack of any sort of quick reply or quick compose for messages, Intelliborn has baked their Messages+ app in directly with IntelliScreenX for a very robust messaging solution.

Now you can quick reply, and/or quick compose from Notification Center, the Lock screen, and from banner message notifications. Check out the full video demonstration inside…

As you can see, the Messages+ marriage is a perfect match for the already feature-filled IntelliScreenX. It seems to get better and better with every build.

Intelliborn notes that they are still working hard on implementing more improvements and bug fixes. I know that they’ve delayed their targeted release date a bit, but if they keep adding features like these, it’s well worth the wait.

The developers are targeting a Wednesday release date, and they are said to be working on biteSMS and iRealSMS support as well.

Are you salivating yet?

  • jose castro

    nice i was woundering about the messeging part lol, but nice a intelliborn

    And nice job jeff

  • Very nice.

  • jose castro

    what about sms+ that would be sweet

  • very nice =)
    is it for free?
    i don’t like the “style” of bitesms

    • Jeff Benjamin

      Messages+ is free with your purchase of IntelliScreenX

  • What theme is that you have on your SBSetting?!? It looks awesome!

    • Jeff Benjamin

      It’s iPhone Congruency,

      • Thanks!!!! My phone looks so much cooler now!~

  • They’re welcome to take as long as they want to make sure they get it right! Hopefully it’s out by the time the iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak is available!

    • Jeff Benjamin


  • Are the toggles from your notification center included with IntelliScreenX or is it a SBSettings theme?

    • Jeff Benjamin

      That’s SBSettings, but IntelliScreenX has its own set of toggles. See our previous video.

  • i think that this is going to way bigger then bitesms and that used to be my favorite.. I love everything about jailbreaking really

  • I think this looks great! The only thing I would change is the Message icon. I think it should fade into the contact picture. It’ll be a nice touch 🙂

  • Dan

    looking forward to this one, it looks great

  • Anonymous

    of course i’ll try messages+ and then biteSMS, when/if available, but i have a funny feeling biteSMS will be the winner

  • From what I have see, and for the most part, it seems to me that IntelliScreenX is (and many other iOS 5 specific jailbreak tweaks are) more of an alternative and redundant UI overlaid on the stock UI, as opposed to a ‘quicker’ way to access and use SMS, Email, Twitter, etc.

    Is it really quicker to tap the barrel notification and open up the IntelliScreenX ‘quick reply’ as opposed to opening up the stock SMS app? Or is it really just the same? Yes, returning back to what you were previously doing may be slightly quicker, but is that really necessary? I can understand how this would be more useful with iOS4, but with iOS 5 it seems to be more of a partial/incomplete theme.

    Similarly with ‘quick compose’, is it faster to reach up with your thumb, slide down the notification center and then tap the quick compose button; or is it faster to simply press the home button once and open up your SMS app from your home screen dock? The reason I am referring to the dock is that it seems that most of the things implemented in IntelliScreenX (e.g. SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc) are things that people, in one capacity or another, pin to the dock. Instead of sliding down the notification center and then panning right, right, left, left to get to your desired window with limited functionaity, isn’t it faster to call up the respective app from the home screen or the fast switching tray?

    And as for the lockscreen functionality that IntelliScreenX provides, wouldn’t it be better to use something else, maybe like a jailbreak tweak that disables the lockscreen all together? There are two main reasons that lockcreens are used. The first is security/privacy, if you are the type to use a password, but from what I have seen and understand from IntelliScreenX it seems as though this has been kind of sidestepped already. And the second, is to prevent accidental inputs, such as accidentally making and receiving call, which may or may not be a problem if you disable the lockscreen, as you still have the sleep/wake power button.

    Jeff, I really appreciate the clear, comprehensive and insightful nature of your videos. One thing I took away from your previous IntelliScreenX video was when you said, among many things, that IntelliScreenX can be useful to view a second email when composing/reading/responding to another in the email app. I think that is very useful, but that function should be a part of (or added via a jailbreak tweak to) the app.

    Anyway I am mainly commenting and asking because I don’t see the full benefit of this tweak, and I don’t have iPhone yet to test it out. Many tweaks look amazing and functional when we first look at them, but their usefullness after purchase (and this one is quite expensive) dies out after some time. It would be cool if you could do quick side-by-side time-based comparisons in your videos to better illustrate the benifit of a tweak over the stock method.

    I hope my comment is understandable.


    • Jeff Benjamin


      I understand where you are coming from. Admittedly, a lot of tweaks “die” out so to speak after a few days of usage, as they are actually slower to use than the stock UI.

      I don’t think the point of IntelliScreenX is just to gain speed, although features like Quick Compose and Quick Reply arguably speed up the experience.

      I think it’s more of a convenience factor; having your tweets, emails, messages, etc. all in one easy to manage place with reply capabilities. To tell the truth, I’ve never been a huge fan of lock screen tweaks like this, but I think IntelliScreenX might be the one that convinces me to try it. I won’t be using all of the features, but some of them are undoubtedly handy, such as Twitter timelines, etc.

      I can say without a doubt that I will use Quick Compose and Quick Reply. I’m a huge biteSMS user, and those are some of the features that I rely on most.

      You do make a valid point. Some of the features might be fluff, and unnecessary, and some may in fact slow you down. You have to pick and choose the features that you feel will benefit you the most. I never use any tweak to its full ability, but I will certainly find parts of this tweak that will be useful to me.

      Thanks for your insightful comments!

    • Anonymous


      Obviously by the length of your reply, you have put some thought into this (which I felt compelled to reply to 🙂 ).

      Re Shiny New App:
      I agree that lots of apps (jailbreak or not) die pretty quickly. This is the entire thought behind our 3 day trial. We want the fad/new toy part to wear off. When that’s gone, and all you have left is our app, we only want you to buy it if you really want it (unlike Apps that have no trial at all). We don’t want to charge for trying it out (although a lot of apps are based on this), but rather that you love it and want to continue to use it.

      We have found that our users (and even us personally) really miss IntelliScreenX when it’s not there – even to the point that I don’t want to use my iPhone 4S until it’s jailbroken (yes we like it that much and we’re not the only ones :)).

      Re Faster
      For me personally, this isn’t about replying (although yes, we do this for Twitter/FB/Messages), but rather access to the information quickly. I want my slide to unlock because it helps prevent accidental dialing, etc. So does ISX (with a two tap requirement to initiate any actions). But, I also want quick access to my calendar, new email, twitter updates, facebook, and yes, when i’m bored waiting at a Dr’s office, RSS feeds.

      I’ll leave you with this (and go back to adding features/fixing bugs :)) – try it. If you don’t like it – no harm. If you love it (we’re betting on 🙂 ), then you’ll probably not ever want to be without it!

      Thanks everyone for the feedback/comments – time is greatly appreciated.

      • Jeff, Intelliborn,

        Thank you both for your kind responses. Since I currently do not have an iPhone, I understand I cannot receive the full affect of jailbreak tweaks through videos and so I appreciate the points that have been made. I guess, and this is why I’m now doing my research and asking questions, that I am just cautious of purchasing an iPhone, jaikbreaking it and then downloading tweaks to find out they don’t necessary enhance my iPhone experience and then having to delete them. But as par your advice, Intelliborn, I will try IntelliScreenX. And Jeff, I liked your post on the top jailbreak tweeks since it helps to limit the number of tweaks that one rifles through.

        Thank you very much.

      • Intelliborn,
        I got a question and an answer would be very appreciated since I don’t know who i should ask :),
        I will see intelliscreenx on the lockscreen. this means that composing a message or even viewing it, viewing the facebook page, the email etc. can be done without unlocking the iphone right ?
        Because i thought about it, and I have to say you have done a hell of a job, seriously. but what if i have a pass-lock and i don’t want the people (friends. family ..) to be able to see without having the pass ?
        I guess i would just disable intelliscreenx on lockscreen.
        Correct me if I’m wrong.
        Anyone who has an answer and wanna save intelliborn time answering my stupid question is welcomed to reply 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I just wanted to point out the main reason I use quick reply and quick compose… if I am currently in an application (mostly games) I don’t want to have to quit the game to send a text message, being able to reply with an overlay rather than an application open is exactly how to get around the issue of the games closing.

      Quick compose too; I need to tell my girlfriend to come over in 15 mins, if I am in the middle of something important I don’t want to have to quit out just to send a text, being able to quick compose over the app I am currently on is an awesome feature. IOS 4 had lots of awesome solutions…. this looks like the best one so far for IOS 5… as long as it doesnt stop the app in the background from closing.

      I will gladly pay for it — I have not paid for any Cydia tweaks, and I will only use this for the quick reply and compose features, I dont use twitter or facebook.

      • HEIF_37,

        Thanks for the reply. I was under the impression that the state of an app was saved when you exited it. If that is not the case, then I understand this would be a particular benifit of an overlay, especially when playing games.

    • I felt compelled as well to reply to this due to the astute points you made. I have had the IntelliscreenX trial, and am pretty sure I am going to purchase it soon, because as soon as the trial period ran out, indeed, I was “missing” it immediately. However, I do agree with a lot of the things you said. For example, I do not have the twitter/facebook/rss pages enabled, because I do think it’s better to just open the actual app for that kind of thing. I also did have lockscreen usage enabled, but sometimes debated on turning it off, because I didn’t like the idea of not having to slide to view texts or whatever else. What I really want on my lockscreen is a tweak that makes all the notification center notifications (but only notifications — not my calendar and things like that. Maybe this tweak should have a separate option for what notifications you would want to stay on the lockscreen) appear on my lockscreen with the “slide to view” capability — and I want them to stay on my lockscreen in that same place even if I unlock my phone, don’t view the notification, then lock my phone again. I really like the slide to view functionality and having IntelliscreenX on the lockscreen does allow me to see all my notifications without having to unlock, but I want to have to slide to view them. Anyway, after that tangent…Other things I really Do enjoy about IntelliscreenX: the ability to collapse sections of notifications in Notification Center. I used to use lockinfo on iOS 4, and this was a feature that I used heavily with LockInfo’s InfoShade. I have my calendar appointments in notification center, but I can collapse them all so that they don’t take up space unless I click on it to see what things are coming up. I also really really love the top shelf. Like, REALLY love it. It’s indescribably awesome to have common settings toggles in notification center for quick access, but without being obtrusive in any way, because they are always hiding unless you specifically pull down for them. And it’s also great that they implemented the ability to put SBSettings’ notification center plugin up there instead of their own (although I have a lot of gripes with SBSettings’ NC widget at this time that I won’t get into lol) so that if you want to have more than just Intelliborn’s default toggles you can have all the customized toggles you want with SBSettings hiding right at the top of Notification Center. I also like the idea of having the call and reply buttons right there on a text message after clicking on it once (although, being a BiteSMS user, it has been bugging me that I couldn’t open Quick Compose from that reply button).

      Now, one thing I hope Intelliborn will respond to me about: Is there a way to view a message without marking it as read? For example, if my girlfriend sends me a text while I’m in an app, and I click on the banner notificaiton to see the whole message, will this mark the message as read (send a read receipt) right away, or will it just let me view the text, and not mark it as read unless I tell it specifically too? This is one of my only gripes with BiteSMS in iOS 5 now that I can send read receipts with iMessages. If I click on a text message banner, it opens Quick Reply, so I can see the whole message, but it does not mark it as read yet. I like this, because if I want to respond later, it still shows as unread in Notification Center to remind me to reply. BUT. I also don’t like it sometimes because if I am replying via Quick Reply, the person who sent the iMessage doesn’t see that I’ve read their message until I have actually sent the reply to them, when Bite finally marks the message as read. So, my real question, then, is if it would be possible to implement it in such a way that it is not marked as read right after opening a Quick Reply from the banner notification (or from anywhere), but also have a button somewhere that is like a “mark as read button”, but without closing the message. Does that make sense? lol. If you think of this in the BiteSMS Quick Reply window format, you know how there are all the buttons you can customize below the message’s text? It would be like having another button there called “mark read” or something that allows me to say “ok, this message can send a read receipt now and be marked as read, but keep the window open so I can reply and allow the other person to see my typing notification” because currently the only button choices in BiteSMS are to “close” the message, which will mark it as read but close the reply window, or to “later” the message, which closes the window while leaving it as unread in notification center, and without sending a read receipt. It is really complicated to explain my predicament, I am sorry haha.

  • where do you go to update if you have the beta? i dont see it on cydia

    • Jeff Benjamin

      This update isn’t publicly available just yet.

    • Follow intelliborn on twitter and you’d know it was a private beta 🙂

  • I’ll probably be sticking with LockInfo/biteSMS, seeing as how I already have licenses with those programs.

    • Anonymous

      this cracks me up when i read posts like this. why does it matter if you have a license with LI? are you not willing to try something new? it’s only $10! jesus christ

      • he has licenses for two products that have similar features, why is it funny that he finds them sufficient. Thats like someone with microsoft office going out and buying iWorks just for the hell of it, I can understand why someone would want intelliscreenx, I already bought a license myself, but don’t diss on someone because they choose not to, thats disrespectful man

  • How do you get the messages? I don’t have a update for my intelliscreenx.

    • Anonymous

      Messages+ is currently in a private beta only, with hopes of it being released to the public eventually

  • Hi Jeff, I installed the trial version of intelliscreenx but how did you get the messages+?

    • Anonymous

      it’s in private beta testing currently. normal users will get it maybe late tonight or tomorrow, hopefully

      “The developers are targeting a Wednesday release date”

  • Anonymous

    My icon on springboard is blank for Intelliscreenx, is that right – perhaps to denote its beta status? The vid showed the icon actually populated – I wonder if it is just my install. I tried to find where to add comments for the beta at Intelliborn’s website, but failed to see how to communicate it back.

    Regardless, I did buy it, because it shows promise!


    • Anonymous

      Update: Not sure what happened – have had the blank icon since the trial and beta testing, but this AM with nothing done special – -the icon finally appeared…..spooky.

  • will this work with emails also? have they have any plans to include it if it dos not work? thanks

    • Anonymous


  • Mariano De Belva

    I love the top shelf.

  • Looks great. When is this update coming out?

  • Oh and also, Intelliborn, will there be Activator integration for quick compose?

  • Anonymous

    very interesting, hmm

  • Anonymous

    Disappointed that the new messaging feature was not included in Wed’s release – gotta stay patient!

    • Anonymous

      Again – I am not sure if it is just my phone, but I have had many more crashes with the 1.0.25 than the previous version and weird behavior. Can’t really attest that it is Intelliscreen causing, but it is my suspicion, plus it is in beta status.

      My notifications get delayed or the sound of them gets distorted, the main status bar for no reason gets placed in landscape mode while everything else remains the same, iphone becomes sluggish and warm to the touch and only a reboot through ibooty cures it for a while.

      Like I said I only suspect it, since I can’t find a way to reliably duplicate any of these issues. I would love to provide logs, but not sure if there is a support email to send them to be analyzed.

  • how do we get the MESSAGES+ ??

  • fan Chen

    does it means the messages+ is not yet released Q_Q. really looking forward to it XD

  • When can we get intelliscreenx for free like from a repo or somethin ?

  • Hi Jeff

    I purchased the intelliscreenX app for $9.99 which includes the messages+ (beta) built in. The quick reply does not work. All i get it the exclamation mark telling me I have a message. I see on your video u have both intelliscreenX & Message+ apps installed.
    Any help much appreciated